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Welcome to SOAR! Your camper’s adventure of a lifetime has only just begun. With most Session One courses coming to an end, we wanted to recap these past few weeks and share some of our highlights from camp.

North Carolina Academic Adventure

This program was designed to challenge students academically while also allowing them to try new things and make new friends. In addition to the academic support and study skills, campers also had the chance to participate in several outdoor activities like rock climbing and white water rafting. For most of our participants, this is an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and try new things with a group of supportive peers. 5th-year alumni, Adam Bass, received his name on our totem pole to represent his accomplishments through SOAR. Congratulations Adam!


North Carolina Llama Trek

Ask any camper who has attended our Llama Trek program how it was, and they’ll tell you it was truly an unforgettable experience. This program is perfect for anyone who loves hiking and spending time in nature. The llamas add a unique addition to the trip, and it’s amazing to see how well they were trained to carry our gear and supplies. You can read more about Mark and our llamas here. This program is great for younger campers, and more often than not, campers will register for multiple sessions of this program so they get to experience it as many times as possible before they age out. One of the best parts of this program (other than the llamas) is the Cradle of Forestry Museum! 


North Carolina Canoe

One of the things that campers remember most about the camp was the sense of community that we all share. All of our groups work together to overcome challenges and achieve goals set by them and their counselors. It’s amazing to see how much campers grow and learn throughout the program. The highlight of the course is our canoeing expedition. Campers embark along Fontana Lake in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and set up camp overnight along the way. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of gliding across the water on a warm summer’s day. There’s also nothing like getting to add your name to our alumni totem pole, which camper Sophia Rizzo got to do this summer. Congrats, Sophia!



Nothing says summer like a trip to the Florida Keys. Our FL Keys SCUBA and FL Keys Adventure programs started on June 11th, and our campers have been enjoying every second of it. Summer in the Sunshine State is the place to be. Not only did our participants get to go fishing, but one group even caught a shark! Definitely a photoworthy memory!



Life on the ranch isn’t for everyone, but for some, it holds a special place. Many campers enjoy our Wyoming location and find it the best place to unwind and disconnect for the summer. While Session One started later than our other programs on June 14th, that just means there are still a few more days of fun for our campers. Check out some of our campers living the cowboy lifestyle!


California Coastal Adventure 

We’re in a golden state of mind out in Cali! Our campers out west started on June 14th and have been soaking up the sun since then. The best part: learning to surf and camping all week long! After catching some waves, campers learn organizational skills and prepare for their expedition to the Channel Islands, which will be their home for the next few days as campers explore the island.

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