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SOAR is a team of hard workers, problem solvers, confidants, superheroes, coaches, dreamers, believers, and memory makers.

Working at SOAR is one of the most unique, adventurous, challenging, and rewarding experiences that you will ever have. If you want to impact the lives of campers, students, and Gappers with ADHD or a similar learning difference through high-adventure activities, then SOAR is the place for you!

We share core values that allow us to strive toward our missions. Together we are a community striving to impact the world through the outdoors and a little understanding.

Check out some frequently asked questions and answers below. If you would like more clarification or have a question that is not answered below please contact our Assistant Director of NC Programs, Ryan Smith at or call our office at 828-456-3435.

Have Fun

Be a Leader

Change a Life

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SOAR Hiring FAQs

Where is SOAR located?

SOAR has 4 summer locations located in the United States. Each location offers a variety of activities specific to each geological location. Do you want to spend your summer fishing in the Florida Keys, immersed in the blue ridge mountains in North Carolina, visiting Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, or catching waves in California? Check out our program location page to learn more about each location.

Where will I be staying?

SOAR provides room and board for all program locations though each varies slightly. North Carolina staff will stay in rustic cabins (no electricity) on our base. Wyoming staff will stay in canvas cowboy tents with wood stoves. Cowboy tents are large temporary structures similar to cabins except the walls are made of canvas. California and Florida staff will remain in personal tentage at the campground throughout the summer.

Can I bring my car?

We recommend North Carolina and Wyoming staff bring their vehicles for their time off. Both locations are only 15 minutes from town. We also have staff parking areas. Be prepared for a bumpy, gravel road going in-and-out of camp. Cars are also parked outside all summer.

Florida and California staff will not have access to their vehicles throughout the summer. They will be required to leave their vehicles at their training site to assist in transporting the SOAR vans to their designated location. SOAR staff are responsible for arriving at their training location when scheduled. SOAR vehicles are available for use during time off for these staff.

If you don’t have a car, no worries!  Most staff are more than happy to carpool and offer each other rides.

Do I supply by own gear?

Yes. SOAR staff are responsible for providing their own personal gear including tentage, backpack, day pack, eating utensils, rain gear, headlamp, and personal clothing. SOAR provides group gear such as water filters, cooking gear including stoves, group tarps, and camper tents. SOAR has some items for rent but most are not in the best shape. We recommend purchasing a fitted backpack for comfortability if you do not currently have one. All staff will receive a packing list upon hire.

Can I have my cell phone?

SOAR is an expedition based program. This means that groups are away from base for most of their course. The nature of our programming requires that staff use their cell phones for communication with Course Directors and base. We do encourage staff to not be on their cell phones while working unless needed for work purposes. SOAR is a technology-free camp so we expect that our staff are positive role models to the campers, and this includes unplugging from technology whenever possible. We also require that staff DO NOT use any photos of campers on social media.

Is internet accessible?

Internet is accessible at each location. Florida and California locations will utilize a hotspot for work needs. Staff can use it for personal needs when not at work.

Can I bring my puppy, cat, or pet iguana?

While we all love some fluffy puppy kisses, SOAR has a no pet policy at camp. You will be responsible for the care of 8 campers. We want your full attention towards them and not your pet. You may see some resident animals at camp or visiting a group with a director, and this is a great time to get your animal fill! If you would like more explanation you can contact us, however, there are no exceptions for summer staff.


Do I choose my course assignment?

SOAR will review all staff during staff training and will assign staff to each course. Our decision will be for the best of the program though we do try to factor in our staffs’ requests. We cannot guarantee you will be assigned to a particular course or that you will stay on the same course throughout the summer. Remember, you are here for the campers not to get notches on your trip belt.


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