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Thanks for checking out SOAR! You can download our press kit below.

SOAR's Press Kit

“The academy at soar is determined to find a better way.”

– ADHD is fuel for Adventure by Floorence Williams

“Childhood dreams come true: dreams of backpacking , mountain climbing whitewater rafting and perhaps most important the dream of fitting in.”

– How a Specialized ADHD/LD Camp Helped Alex by Fernando Ruiz

“Through outdoor adventures, soar gives participants the opportunity to build friendships, develop life skills and experience success”

– Give Kids the Chance to SOAR

“We’re very thankful, our students are starting the year on a high note, and we look forward to making another home for soar academy here at folkmoot.”

– SOAR School moving to Folkmoot’s Historic Hazelwood School

“But what I discovered when we attended soar’s parents weekend is that it’s not necessarily about the activity not meshing with my child’s differences – it’s instead about finding the right environment for our special children to participate in these types of activities successfully.”

-Journey to Success for Kids with AOHD Starts Here by Penny Williams

“It is interesting to note that one of the nations largest and most well known summer camps serving that (adhd/ld) population is located right here in haywood county”

– SOAR is a hidden gem of Haywood County