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SOAR staff members, including Founder Jonathan Jones and Executive Director John Willson, are nationally recognized speakers and present to families, professionals, and organizations several times each year.

The Gateway Adventure Program (GAP Year)

The GAP Year at SOAR is specially designed to empower young adults ages 18-24 with ADHD or other Learning Disabilities through adventure, travel, and independent living.

Our gap year program provides young adults the opportunity to discover their talents, to increase self-reliance, and to experience life-changing adventures. Developed directly from parent feedback, this program meets the needs of those who have graduated from high school but are not quite ready to step into a university or work-force setting. Participants are provided a structured environment in which they may pursue areas of interest and travel for the purpose of improving knowledge, maturity, decision-making, leadership, independence, and self-sufficiency. Participants will alternate between Residential Living in Dubois, WY, and Expeditions throughout the western United States.

This combination provides the opportunity to develop and experience:

  • Independent Living Skills
  • Community Involvement
  • High Adventure Activities
  • Expedition Planning
  • College Coursework
  • International Travel (Costa Rica or Belize)
  • Volunteer Opportunities



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“A gap year is about what happens after school, how you make decisions, how you figure out who you are, where you want to go, and how you need to get there. It’s about the skill set you need to live your life.” ~ Gail Reardon of Taking Off, US News



Many parents question us about the adventure component of our programs. In their eyes, it can be hard to imagine their child (who may spend ...

Gap Year Experience

“We believe that [my son’s] experience in your program fundamentally changed him- he likes and believes in himself! And this has influenced his whole outlook on life. He is calm, reflective, doing his work [previously NEVER done without one-on-one assistance], taking care of his personal space and body… You gave our son a level of confidence he never had before – our lives have truly changed!”

~ GAP Parent