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About SOAR

We Are SOAR!

We are SOAR, a seasonal accredited educational academy, GAP year program, study abroad program, and ADHD summer camp designed especially for youth and adolescence with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities (LD).

At SOAR, our entire operation including all of our services, programs, and expeditions are designed specifically to meet the needs of youth and young adults diagnosed with ADHD and/or LD.

Our Twofold Mission

The Academy

To provide academic instruction, experiential education, interpersonal life skills development and outdoor adventure-based programming to youth with Learning Disabilities, and/or Attention Deficit Disorders through their participation in the Academy at SOAR.

Camp, Gap Year, & Community Based Services

To provide experiential education, interpersonal life skills development and outdoor adventure-based programming to youth, young adults and families living with Learning Disabilities, and/or Attention Deficit Disorders through SOAR’s outdoor adventure camp programs, GAP year program, and community-based services.

Our Vision

Be the world leader in helping youth and young adults living with learning and attention challenges achieve greater life success.

Our Core Values

Focus on Strengths

Helping youth to find their strengths, and take steps toward their journey to success.


Treating participants, families, and staff with dignity and respect.

Servant Leadership

Supporting the LD & ADHD community with our time, knowledge, and innovation.

Ethical Conduct

Programs, environmental practices, business operations, and individual interactions are centered in honesty and integrity.

Commitment to Excellence

Maintaining and leading industry standards of practice in our programming.


Support and loyalty to our stakeholders, mission, organization, clients, and staff.

How SOAR Began

Jonathan and his wife purposely wanted SOAR to be a non-profit organization to have the capacity to reach out to families in need. Over the years SOAR's programs have adapted for the specific needs of the LD and ADHD youth we serve.

Our understanding of this population is in everything we do at SOAR—it's in the way we approach challenges and adventures, in the way we structure each day, in the way we handle conflicts, and in the way we celebrate each participant’s abilities.

Who We Serve

Typical diagnoses includes:

Executive Functioning Disorder
Autism Level 1

What Parents Say


Is SOAR for everyone?

No. In order to provide an effective environment for participants and staff we do not accept students with suicidal or self-harm ideations or attempts within the last 12 months, psychotic symptoms, acute/chronic violence, or active substance abuse issues. Participants with significant behavioral challenges are discouraged from applying. Medical conditions such as diabetes (insulin-dependent), epilepsy, cardiac conditions, or other conditions may prevent students from being accepted.

SOAR welcomes youth and young adults diagnosed with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities (and their siblings) of any race, religion, sexual orientation or identity, national or ethnic origin, and disability (assuming the disability permits safe participation in the essential activities of SOAR courses as currently defined).

What is the typical profile of a SOAR participant?

SOAR serves youth and young adults, ages 8-25, with learning disabilities and/or attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. SOAR participants generally enjoy the out-of-doors, are energetic and active, and thrive in a small group environment.

SOAR participants are high functioning, intelligent, and struggle with issues such as impulsivity, disorganization, oppositionality, inattention, challenges with social skills, etc. Some participants may have additional diagnoses such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourettes, Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder, among others. Although participants may have experienced lowered self-esteem and academic frustration prior to attending SOAR, they are essentially well-adjusted individuals.

Is SOAR a therapeutic program?

No. SOAR is not a therapeutic boot camp or wilderness therapy program. Whereas these programs typically serve youth with severe behavioral or psychological issues or drug problems, SOAR serves youth who are generally well behaved, but may get into trouble due to impulsivity or social skill related conflicts.

Is SOAR accredited?

Yes. SOAR’s U.S. based camp programming is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), the nation’s definitive organization for summer camps. SOAR chose ACA accreditation because of the intense and rigorous standards it requires for its camps and because of the quality information it provides for parents seeking reputable camp experiences for their children.

The Academy at SOAR which includes the study abroad program is accredited by Cognia, the accrediting body for charter schools, independent schools, and public school systems.

What is SOAR's behavior management philosophy?

SOAR utilizes a variety of techniques to help young people get the most from this experience. We have found that utilizing our philosophy of natural and logical consequences, in conjunction with generous amounts of praise and positive feedback for successful performance, has been instrumental in supporting healthy behavioral dynamics at SOAR.

How can my child benefit from SOAR?

SOAR has a two-fold emphasis. First, we assist our participants in building self-esteem, self-reliance, and self-confidence. Secondly, we encourage our participants to develop critical life skills such as organization and time management skills; decision-making and problem-solving skills; communication and social skills; and frustration management skills. Participants then learn strategies which enable them to translate skills learned while on the program in to their everyday situations at home and in the classroom.


45 Years of Excellence

45 Years of Excellence

45 Years of Excellence

45 Years of Excellence

45 Years of Excellence

For ages 8-25

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