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Imagine being in the 5th grade and knowing exactly what you want to be when you grow up. That’s how it was for Llama Wrangler Mark English. As a caddy on a golf course, young Mark would push himself to the limit trying to carry multiple bags at once to earn some extra money. Then one day he thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if llamas could be caddies?” And now here we are!


Not only are Mark’s llamas caddies at Sherwood Golf Club in Brevard, but they are the llamas that work with SOAR campers out on expeditions. That’s right, our Llama Trek llamas double as golf caddies! They are the perfect companion on long hikes because they can carry the weight for us, including all the food and gear we may need. This makes it easy for our younger campers to enjoy the hike and have a friend to keep them company. Llamas are just perfect for this situation; they also make great guards.


Get to know our llamas that will be in the field this summer below:



Age: 2007

Personality: Snuggle master 2000

Fun fact: Ring bearer in over 30 weddings


Age: 2006

Personality: Sassy

Fun fact: His dad, Banana Man, fathered over 50 babies

Ice Man

Age: 2013

Personality: Super chill

Fun fact: Why does he have a unique lollipop haircut?


Age: 2019 baby

Personality: Rooster boy

Fun fact: He is a celebrity at the highlands Christmas parade

Mr. Golden Delicious

Age: 2019

Personality: Super nice

Fun fact: He was a kicker as a kid


Age: 2007

Personality: King of the selfies

Fun fact: He’s got sticky back brakes


Age: 2014

Personality: Flight risk

Fun fact: AKA bob marley


Age: 2006

Personality: Amazing

Fun fact: 12 seasons of being with SOAR kids

Lil D

Age: Unknown

Personality: A real talker

Fun fact: Rescue llama (he’s a bit camera shy)


And one honorable mention:



Personality: The best dog ever

Fun fact: She has her own song!


While Mark is sworn to secrecy on his favorite llama, his daughter Emma loved Rockstar.

We have one spot left for this summer’s llama trek. Sign up now to meet the llamas and Luna this summer!

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