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Discover the breathtaking landscapes of the west with SOAR, Wyoming’s best ADHD summer camp that brings outdoor adventure programming to new heights. Nestled in the heart of the Cowboy State, SOAR offers a unique and transformative experience for individuals with ADHD, setting the stage for personal growth amidst nature’s wonders. 

In Wyoming, campers spend their time at Eagle View Ranch, camping beneath starlit skies in the Wild West. One of SOAR’s courses, the Wyoming Canoe Adventure, is an incredibly fun summer camp adventure for kids with ADHD who are looking to learn lots of new skillsets and have tons of fun adventures. This adventure course includes various overnight trips from a 3-night canoe expedition on Bull Lake to a 4-day trip in Yellowstone Park. During this time, campers will have the opportunity to discover Wyoming’s majestic features including geysers, wildlife, and mountain ranges. When not on overnight trips, campers will participate in a variety of activities such as white water rafting, horseback riding, hatchet throwing, and participating in our “Cowboy Contest”! 

SOAR’s commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment makes it the top choice for families seeking the best ADHD summer camp in the rugged beauty of Wyoming. By teaching counselors and campers to embrace their differences, SOAR encourages confidence and promotes individuality. Campers often leave SOAR’s courses with a newfound appreciation for the outdoors and a whole new set of friends!

SOAR’s Wyoming Canoeing Adventure is only one of SOAR’s ADHD summer camp courses available in Wyoming. Our other Wyoming summer camp courses offer a variety of other activities and skill sets.

2024 Wyoming summer camp courses include Discovery, Horsepacking, All Girls Adventure, Post Graduate, and Twice Exceptional. Explore the multitude of Wyoming courses on SOAR’s website to uncover the perfect fit for your next unforgettable summer adventure.