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Embark on a journey of wonder in Wyoming with SOAR, the best ADHD summer camp designed to inspire personal growth through outdoor adventure programming. At SOAR, Wyoming’s picturesque landscapes become the backdrop for an unforgettable experience where campers with ADHD thrive. 

Our Wyoming summer camps are located on Eagle View Ranch, in the heart of the wild west, where campers can find themselves while exploring nature. From navigating through scenic trails to honing outdoor survival skills, SOAR’s Wyoming location provides a diverse range of activities that cater to the interests and strengths of each participant. 

Campers with a passion for riding horses, or the desire to learn, are the perfect fit for our Horsepacking Adventure program. During this program, campers will attend Horse School at Eagle View Ranch where they will learn how to ride horses and hone their western riding skills. After practicing, and getting comfortable, campers will attend a 4-day horsepacking expedition into the Wind River Mountains. With real wranglers as their guides, campers will sleep nestled into the mountainside beneath the stars. However, campers won’t just be riding horses. They also have the opportunity to embark on other adventures such as whitewater rafting, exploring national parks, and attending a rodeo. This summer camp is the perfect course for embracing the Western lifestyle and immersing oneself in the wonders of Wyoming. 

5 Reasons WY is Different from Our Other SOAR Locations:

1) Weather

Due to its inland location and high elevation, Wyoming experiences a colder climate compared to other SOAR locations, which means that the summers are much warm but still much cooler than many of our other locations.

2) National Parks

We visit more National Parks during our Wyoming Programs than we do in any of our other locations. Wyoming has some of the most renowned national parks in the United States, such as Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, providing unique opportunities for exploration and adventure not found in other SOAR locations.

3) Only Non-Coed Experience

We offer an All Girls Wyoming Program that isn’t offered in any of our other SOAR locations. This allows us to cater better to the specific needs and preferences of participants, offering a more focused and tailored experience within the Wyoming setting.

4) Scenery

Wyoming’s scenery is characterized by vast plains, rugged mountains, and expansive wilderness areas, offering a distinct backdrop for outdoor activities and adventure that is unlike any of our other locations. Participants in Wyoming programs are immersed in this Western landscape, which can deeply influence their outdoor experiences and foster a profound connection to nature.

5) Ranch Stay

Our Wyoming Programs offer campers the unique experience of staying at Eagle View Ranch. This amazing experience allows for campers to wake up nestled into the mountainside and surrounded by horses, which is an opportunity unique to our Wyoming locations.


Families seeking the best ADHD summer camp need look no further than SOAR, where the spirit of adventure meets therapeutic support in the heart of Wyoming. SOAR has worked diligently to foster a welcoming place for campers with ADHD and other learning disorders. By celebrating our differences, SOAR helps campers grow to their full potential and meet like minded individuals on the way. 

However, WY Horsepacking Adventure is not the only Wyoming summer camp program that SOAR offers. Many other courses, such as Discovery, Canoe, All Girls Adventure, Post Graduate, and Twice Exceptional are also offered. For more information about these programs, visit our website and sign up today!