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SOAR Field Staff | No chill and full commitment to excellence

By Andrea Wackerle

Our field staff have no chill, so when the chance to take a little downtime from running summer courses arises, they find ways to get better at what they do. From the executive management team to the newest seasonal employee, this drive to maintain and lead industry standards is driven by our fifth core value – a Commitment to Excellence and it’s a commitment we do not take lightly.

With the goal to make the next courses the best we’ve ever led, our course directors are out running circuit-style training for all team members. Here’s a peek at what they were working on today at our North Carolina, Balsam Base.


Course Director, Elliot, on the ropework station putting on a knot tying workshop.








Course Directors, Grace and Charlotte, teach low light no light tent setup.

Course Director, Raynor, and Field Staff, Harry, teaching backcountry stove safety and proficiency.