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SOAR Celebrates Record Number of International Staff for 2022 Summer Sessions

by Andrea Wackerle

Every summer, SOAR Camp draws several seasonal staff from countries around the globe. These team members fill roles ranging from Field Staff to Activity Specialists. The experience, diversity, and knowledge they bring to SOAR are integral to our mission of providing experiential education, interpersonal life skills development, and outdoor adventure-based programming to youth, young adults, and families dealing with ADHD or other learning challenges. SOAR is not a traditional summer camp. Instead, our campers and staff spend more than eighty percent of their time in the backcountry or on high adventure activities. That’s precisely why SOAR Field Staff Mateo Rojo, a twenty-year-old from Cordoba, Argentina, chose to come to SOAR over offers from other camps in the U.S.

Mateo Rojo and Justin d’Almaine

“I could have gone to another camp and worked less,” says Rojo, “but I wanted to come here and experience the outdoors, and I knew SOAR would be a challenge for me with all the activities because we will be busy and out there in the wilderness instead of guarding a pool. I work in a convenience store in my country. I was bored and wanted the challenge, and I love to travel. Seeing the world is my life goal, so I saved money to come here to work and pay for the visa and all that.” Mateo’s favorite aspect of working at Summer Camp at SOAR is, “I like that my bosses and people in charge really take care of us, and the environment is always friendly – we make a great team.” Field Staff, Justin d’Almaine, a 32-year-old attorney from Durban, South Africa, echoes Rojo’s sentiment, “I’ve enjoyed the chance to experience backcountry camping with a tight group of kids. It’s also great getting back to the front country, seeing all my staff friends again, and doing all sorts of cool activities with them. It’s a great place to work. All the staff gets along, we’re a team, and all are friends and support each other.” Jonathan Jones, director of business development and executive management team member, explains, “Hiring international staff is my favorite part of building the summer team. They are often among the best staff members and provide unique perspectives that grow SOAR and our campers.” In addition, our international staff enables us to drive further diversity to our team and into our programs. It’s essential for a well-rounded experience for our campers.

Session 3 Backpacking Team: Charlotte, Naman, Mateo and Emma

Accomplishing our mission and seeing the positive change in children with attention and learning challenges would not be possible without our U.S.-based and international team members. They could have done anything this summer, but they chose to rough the elements in the most physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging job they’ve ever had for the reward of knowing they made an impact on the lives of hundreds of children who are now more prepared for the many challenges ahead of them.

If you’re ready for the most challenging and rewarding job you’ve ever had, apply now: Current Employment Opportunities.   For more than 45 years, Summer Camp at SOAR has helped youth with ADHD & learning differences develop self-confidence, social skills, and life skills through unforgettable adventures. Campers participate in rock climbing, horseback riding, SCUBA diving, llama treks, whitewater rafting, surfing, and more! Summer Camp at SOAR provides a supportive environment where campers are encouraged to be themselves and are celebrated for their strengths. Campers set personal goals and are supported by our staff & their peers to succeed. Camp offers a fun atmosphere where participants feel like they belong, where they build healthy friendships, and their challenges are understood. Learn more at