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Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment! If you’ve recently learned that you have ADHD, you’re not alone. It’s a unique path, and at SOAR, we understand the challenges that come with this revelation. Our mission is not just to support our SOAR family but also to be a beacon of information and inspiration for anyone seeking guidance on ADHD and learning differences.

5 Steps on What to do Next: 

1. Embrace the Journey

Discovering you have ADHD is not the end; it’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Not only are you sharing the journey with 6 million other individuals, but you’re on this journey with the support of our family here at SOAR. Being diagnosed with ADHD does not have to be a negative experience, many people diagnosed with ADHD “report being energetic, creative, courageous, and resilient.” So embrace the journey with an open heart and a willingness to understand yourself better. 

2. Educate and Understand

Knowledge is a powerful tool for self-empowerment. Learn more about ADHD by researching the characteristics, symptoms, and challenges associated with ADHD. This knowledge can help you better navigate your experiences and communicate effectively with others. It is also important to understand that ADHD can look different in each individual and can change as you get older.  At SOAR, we offer a wealth of information, workshops, and guides to help you understand your unique strengths and develop strategies for success.

3. Building a Support System

You are not alone on this journey, and more and more individuals like you are getting diagnosed with ADHD everyday. Connect with a community that understands your experiences by joining support groups where you can share insights, ask questions, and learn from others who have faced similar challenges. You should also discuss your ADHD diagnosis with  your friends, family, colleagues, and teachers informing them of your symptoms and feelings to foster understanding and create a supportive environment. Who knows, maybe one of them has ADHD as well! 

4. Seeking Professional Guidance

You should also look to consult with a healthcare professional: Schedule a follow-up appointment with the healthcare professional who diagnosed you. Discuss treatment options, such as medication, therapy, or a combination of both. While medications such as Adderoll are commonly used to treat ADHD they don’t work for everyone, so it is important to find out what treatment plan works best for you. Be sure to meet with your designated healthcare professional frequently, especially when you’re first starting treatment.

5. Get Outside

Here at SOAR, we believe that spending time outdoors has direct mental and physical benefits for all individuals, but especially for those diagnosed with ADHD. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or just chilling in green spaces, these outdoor activities get your body moving, promoting better attention and helping your brain regulate those ADHD-related neurotransmitters. So, next time you’re feeling restless or overwhelmed, consider heading outdoors for a natural boost that goes beyond just a breath of fresh air. 

At SOAR, we believe that individuals with ADHD possess incredible strengths, creativity, and resilience. It’s not about overcoming ADHD; it’s about leveraging your unique qualities to soar beyond expectations. We’re here to provide guidance, support, and a community that embraces neurodiversity. SOAR with us as we navigate this journey together, turning challenges into triumphs and celebrating the incredible individual you are!