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The 2000s – The Building of the West: Eagle View Ranch

The early 2000s were defined by globalization, the popularization of the cell phone, a financial crisis, an increasingly sedentary society, and the golden age of the internet.

To balance the ever-evolving parenting landscape of the new millennia, families were searching for outdoor spaces, academic opportunities, and a supportive environment for their ADHD/LD children. SOAR provided all three.

We created new courses with an academic focus, expanded our program offerings, elevated our semester program, presented to ADHD experts on a national and international scale, and perhaps the most impactful, built Eagle View Ranch, the western headquarters of SOAR.


Please enjoy these few moments and memories of the start of a new century with SOAR:

Major Moments

  • Academy at SOAR created from a semester program
  • New summer courses:
    • California Programming
      • Big Sur Course
    • Peruvian Amazon/Andes Adventure
    • NC Whitewater Intensive
    • Postgraduate Summer Adventure Course at EVR
    • Wyoming Programming
      • Horsemanship Courses
      • Rock Climbing Intensive
    • Canadian Rockies Specialty Course
  • SOAR receives American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation


SOAR also presents at numerous national and international conferences, further establishing itself as a leader of outdoor programming for youth and young adults with ADHD/LD.


  • Creation of Eagle View Ranch
    • Purchased WY property in 2000
    • Covered dining area, bathhouse complex, riding arena, and cabin tent platforms constructed in 2001
    • First courses at EVR in 2001
    • Horse programming expanded in 2002
    • Expansion of Wyoming courses throughout the early 2000s



Our approach of focusing on strengths instead of deficits, along with incredible outdoor adventures, has been critical to ensuring the success of thousands of campers and students throughout our 45 years. The best part is that we are just getting started!

Would you like to be an integral part of our mission? You have the ability to change the life of an ADHD/LD child. Please consider donating $45 for our 45 years. As a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, your donations will be used for our Scholarship Endowment Fund. We envision a day when any child with a learning or attention challenge will have an opportunity to experience these life-changing adventures.

We thank you for your continued support and interest in SOAR!



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