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SOARing Through the Decades: 1990s

by: Anna LoPinto

“We could have never loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it.”

– Mary Ann Evans


The 90s were a time of expansive growth for SOAR. Programs were offered throughout the country, as well as internationally. Summer programs saw record numbers and reached capacity.

Internet became more widely accessible, and SOAR’s first website was created in 1998. Our current Executive Director, John Willson, joined the SOAR team in 1991, returned in 1992 as a Course Director, and fall of 1993 to launch the Appalachain Trail Semester course program. He has been with the organization ever since! In 1999 SOAR year-round staff jumped from 13 employees to 21. In the 80s SOAR was on the trajectory to be the forefront of outdoor programs for ADHD/LD populations, by the 90s it was.

Major Moments

  • A huge expansion of national and international programs (see above)
  • Consistently fill courses to capacity
  • Rapid growth completed 9 shelters at Balsam Base
  • Expand services to 7th graders
  • SOAR is licensed as a summer camp (a new requirement by the state of North Carolina)
  • Expand high ropes course
  • Create activity staff positions for summer sessions
  • Complete SOAR Field Staff
  • SOAR fleet of vans increases to 5 vehicles
  • Conduct reconnaissance of Wyoming for possible SOAR Western Base (eventually leads to the creation of Eagle View Ranch!)

“Signs of the Time”

  • 1997 celebrate 20th year
  • 1998 internet site is established
  • 1998 SOAR video completed
  • 1999 complete networking of Administrative Team computers
  • 1999 SOAR is a Microsoft Word Office
  • 1999 SOAR brochure printed in color
  • 1999-2000 move into Y2K with no significant glitches

To celebrate this decade, we wanted to share captions of a few 90s photos from two of the leaders that lived it, SOAR’s Jonathan Jones and John Willson:

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Next month – a new century – the 2000s!

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