Saddle Up with WY Horsepacking

by Andrea Wackerle

Our 38th summer camp season is on its way! To celebrate, we’ll be highlighting each course over the coming weeks. This week, we’re featuring WY Horsepacking. This 18 day course mimics the original Wild West lifestyle as campers journey through the Wind River Mountain Range by horse, developing a spirit of exploration along the way. 

Backcountry Horsepacking

The highlight of this adventure is a 4 day/3 night horsepacking trip through the Absoroka or Wind River Mountain Range of Dubois, Wyoming. Before heading out on their trip, campers will spend 2 days getting to know each other during games, activities, and doing team building exercises. They will then begin “Horse School” where they will learn the ropes of horseback riding including basic riding skills, how to communicate with their horse, and how to care for their horse. At the end of each day, they will put their skills to the test on trail rides in Warm Springs Canyon near Eagle View Ranch.  Once campers have mastered their equestrian skills, they will head into the backcountry by horse and set up camp. For the next two days, campers will venture out riding each day and return to camp each night before packing back to Eagle View Ranch on day 4.

Skill Building Activities

In addition to major activities like rock climbing, canoeing, and white water rafting, WY Horsepacking also includes skill building activities while campers are on base. Campers will learn and practice the basics of archery and hatchet throwing, riflery (in an extremely controlled environment under the watchful eye of our CMP certified staff), and backcountry trout fishing. All of these activities are weaved into the course’s adventure highlights giving campers variety and the opportunity to learn and develop a variety of skills.

Western Exploration

If it weren’t for spirited explorers, Eagle View Ranch wouldn’t be here today! (well maybe). But, we want to instill this spirit in each of our campers, and therefore give them the opportunity to explore some of the Western United States most beautiful and favored locations. Campers will begin their exploration by setting goals and overcoming challenges while rock climbing in Sinks Canyon. While exploring Yellowstone National Park, campers will learn about the variety of wildlife inhabiting the area on their visit to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. And what is a visit to Yellowstone National Park without seeing Old Faithful? Campers will also complete day hikes in Grand Teton National Park, known for mountain lakes and stunning views.

Cowboy Showdown

Unique to each session at Eagle View Ranch, is the “Cowboy Contest”. On the last day of camp, Cowboy Contest teams are announced,  and begin practicing the skills they’ve developed over the past 18 days. Teams will compete in bull riding contests (mechanical of course), a fire building contest, and archery and tomahawk throwing contests. Everyone comes together to show off their skills, congratulate one another on everything they have accomplished, and reflect on this unforgettable experience!

As you can see this course is action-packed adventure and full of opportunities to learn and improve outdoor skills and develop the craft of true horsemanship. Campers will have plenty of time to work on goals and build friendships.

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