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Real Learning in Virtual Class with Kathy Kuhl

John Willson seeks guidance from Kathy Kuhl, an author advising parents who homeschool their children, on how to actually learn from home effectively. As students and parents alike are grappling with adversity, it’s been difficult to make a meaningful transition to online learning. Kathy offers up some advice from her…


The Power Of No Power: How To Unplug And Get Outside

What is the problem with screen time? On average our kids are spending 6 hours a day in front of a screen as opposed to 3 hours a day in 1995. This leads to a decrease in sleep, an increase in snacking, and an increase in irritability. What can nature…


Communication Strategies: Avoiding the Failure to Communicate

Communication is such an important part of how your child can feel supported. John Willson reiterates how spinning encouragement in a positive light can make your child have better self-esteem, and in turn, become more independent. When we do give consequences, it’s important to give them in a calm and…


Individual Strategies: Customizing Your Connection

As the parent, you have a huge role to play in how a conversation or connection can be steered with your child. John Willson talks about some strategies you can use to form deeper connections by diverting negative comments with natural and logical consequences, role-playing, redirecting, and more. Watch Now


The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids with Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Eliane dives right into 6 key challenge areas: organization, logistics, relationships, the impact that raising these kids has on us as adults, school and home issues, and emotional issues. She also touches on the idea of the “parenting police” and how their advice is intended to be helpful, but at…


Family Strategies: 10 Tips To Keep The Family From Going Bonkers

In this short webinar, we give you our rundown on how to keep from going bonkers at home. Tips include making sure adults have a united front on how to handle difficult situations, outline responsibilities and rotate them on a regular basis, involve your child in decision making and problem-solving, prepare your…


Guest Speakers from ImpactADHD®: How to Reduce Stress for You & Your Child

Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Dianne Dempster, founders of ImpactADHD®, join us for this webinar focused on the requested topic of stress management. They focus on two parts: stress management of the parents and the child’s stress management. They help you learn what you need for yourself as a parent so you…


Organization Strategies: Tackle The Beast One Pile At A Time

In order to set you and your child up for organizational success, you want to first make sure that you have a stable working environment. How do you do that? Think about how to control your environment. Are neighbors being too loud? Instead of asking them to be quiet, consider…


Urgency Driven: Unlocking The Power Of Procrastination

What if we told you that procrastination is a strength? If you are urgency driven you are still driven—it doesn’t matter where you get the motivation from, the key point is that you are motivated. Actually, the right amount of arousal and stress can improve performance. SOAR’s Executive Director, John…