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5 Skills for Unlocking Personal Growth Through GAP at SOAR

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Why is My Child Addicted to Video Games?

Video games have seemed to take over this generation of children. But why? SOAR’s Family Support and Alumni Coordinator, Dr. Liz Simpson goes over 10 things kids crave that parents can learn from video games. Watch Now


The Art of Negotiation

In this webinar, Dr. Liz Simpson talks about the art of negotiating with your child. She’ll cover the basics of communication, how arguments get started, how to approach communication to avoid arguing, how to avoid being drawn into the weeds, and recaps on the proposal system, which can come in…


How to Fail Forward

Our children are great at pursuing their passions, sometimes to the exclusion of other things, but what do our children do when things become difficult? How can we help them fail forward? By nurturing their passions and strengths, taking on a growth mindset, playing purposefully by working towards a goal,…


Salting the Hay: Motivating the Non-Compliant Child

When we take a closer look at the nature of non-compliance, it’s easier to understand why children with ADHD or LDs aren’t motivated. For example, if your child has low self-esteem because they feel like they haven’t been able to do anything right, it can be hard to feel motivated…


Family Date Night: How To Play Together as a Family

John Willson offers some advice on what to do at home together as well as what to do once the smoke clears and you can get outside again. He’ll share some fun activities for family date night. But why have a family date night at all? Family date night helps…


Creating Structure the SOAR Way

Executive Director, John Willson, talks about how to create structure during this unprecedented time. He will go over family deadlines, the full value contract, how to make a family name and flag, roles and responsibilities for everyone in the family, structuring meals and meal planning, how to implement an evening…


Podcast: Transition to Summer

The school year is coming to a close and summer is fast approaching. As we move from the structured routines that schools provide to the lazy unpredictable days of summer, anxieties may be running high. How can we make these transitions smoother for ourselves and our children? Joe Geier, Head…


Building a Balance: Balancing Parent Support & Student Independence

We discuss the answers to the following common questions you may ask yourself: How involved do I need to be in my child’s life? How long will I need to provide support? When should I let them sink or swim? Will they be living at home when they are 30?…


Mindset: A Strengths-Based Path to Success

Dr. Liz Simpson discusses mindset theory created by Carol Dweck’s research. She distinguishes a growth mindset—one that embraces challenges, sees efforts as a path to mastery persists in the face of challenges, learns from constructive criticism, and finds lessons and inspiration in the successor others—vs a fixed mindset—one that avoids…