Utilizing the Parent Handbook

by Andrea Wackerle

Welcome to SOAR and the countdown to camp! In the coming weeks, you will probably have questions about what to pack, allergies and food, medication, phone calls, etc. The Parent Handbook is your friend! We encourage you to read the Parent Handbook as it has valuable information to make your child’s camp experience the best possible and will likely answer most of your questions! Here is a brief overview of what you’ll find inside….

Parent Checklist

The student checklist includes specific actions that must be complete before your child arrives at camp. The sooner you can check these off, the smoother the process will be when you arrive.


In your CampInTouch account, you will find a gear list specific to your child’s course (you can also find them here). It is important that you review this list and purchase the gear appropriate for your child’s course location and type of course. Not an outdoor gear junky?  If you have any questions about what type/brand of gear to buy, please refer to the SOAR Gear Guide for recommendations and advice.

Appearance Guidelines

We are dedicated to providing students with meaningful summer experiences, which allow them to learn and grow.  To that end, we feel an obligation to ensure each person feels comfortable in his or her attire and is not overly distracted by the clothing or appearance of those around them. Please review the Appearance Guidelines before arriving at camp.


Our programs are designed to provide campers with an opportunity to develop greater independence and self-reliance. With this goal in mind, campers will not have access to technological communication such as email, text messaging, social media, or phone calls. If you need to communicate with your child’s Course Director, please call the number specified in your CampInTouch Account. Keep in mind that communication from staff is limited due to the travel and backcountry nature of our programs.  You are welcome to send your child mail via the US Postal Service or send a personalized email for us to give to them once they are back on base!


If your child has a specific dietary requirement, please let us know! We can accommodate vegetarian and non-orthodox kosher diets; however, students are ultimately responsible for their own food choices. If your child has other dietary needs such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, or allergies, please give us a call so we can make a plan to insure their food needs are met.


If your child will be on any prescription medication during the course, please send each medication in the original prescription container (no pill dispensers please).  Include only a two-day surplus. We will review your child’s medication with you during the inbrief process.


You have already submitted a $250, non-refundable deposit with your application. Your remaining balance is due in full by June 1st and will be charged automatically to the payment method on file in your CampInTouch Account. Any other arrangements must be made prior to June 1st.

Travel to Camp

If your child will be flying to a course site, it is required to clear airline dates and times with SOAR Admissions before purchasing your ticket. You can find specific information regarding appropriate arrival and departure times in your CampInTouch Account under Travel Forms.


Thank you for your cooperation and patience with all of these details!  Getting ready for camp is a huge task. The more you can do ahead of time the better.  If you have questions, contact us at admissions@soarnc.org or 828-456-3435.

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