Top 10 Nature Pictures for Earth Day!

by Andrea Wackerle

Here are SOAR’s Top 10 Picks of last year’s Pics for Earth Day 2014!


Number 10

Northern California ADHD Summer Camp

A beautiful scene from our Northern California Expedition Course

Number 9

North Carolina Horseback Summer Camp

This one is from our Horseback Adventure in North Carolina!

Number 8

Southern California Summer Course

Another great shot overlooking a bay in California, the southern side this time from our California Standard program.

Number 7

Wyoming Environmental Adventure

A view of the Rockies from our Wyoming Environmental Adventure course!

Number 6

North Carolina Expedition

A lovely shot of our canoes during the Adirondack Adventure

Number 5

Costa Rican Volcano

The beautiful Costa Rican Volcano… Don’t worry! It’s dormant!

Number 4

Florida Standard Summer Course

Who doesn’t love the beach? This one is from our Florida Summer Course!

Number 3

Wyoming Academic Adventure

Another great view of the Rockies, with our studious campers down below on the Wyoming Academic Adventure Course

Number 2

Northern California Expedition

California is such a beautiful state. Check out this incredible shot taken in the Sierra Nevadas on our California Expedition.

Number 1

Belize Summer Adventure

And finally Number 1, an underwater shot of the coral reef we take our campers to in Belize, Central America!