Top 10 Nature Pictures for Earth Day!

Here are SOAR’s Top 10 Picks of last year’s Pics for Earth Day 2014!


Number 10

Northern California ADHD Summer Camp

A beautiful scene from our Northern California Expedition Course

Number 9

North Carolina Horseback Summer Camp

This one is from our Horseback Adventure in North Carolina!

Number 8

Southern California Summer Course

Another great shot overlooking a bay in California, the southern side this time from our California Standard program.

Number 7

Wyoming Environmental Adventure

A view of the Rockies from our Wyoming Environmental Adventure course!

Number 6

North Carolina Expedition

A lovely shot of our canoes during the Adirondack Adventure

Number 5

Costa Rican Volcano

The beautiful Costa Rican Volcano… Don’t worry! It’s dormant!

Number 4

Florida Standard Summer Course

Who doesn’t love the beach? This one is from our Florida Summer Course!

Number 3

Wyoming Academic Adventure

Another great view of the Rockies, with our studious campers down below on the Wyoming Academic Adventure Course

Number 2

Northern California Expedition

California is such a beautiful state. Check out this incredible shot taken in the Sierra Nevadas on our California Expedition.

Number 1

Belize Summer Adventure

And finally Number 1, an underwater shot of the coral reef we take our campers to in Belize, Central America!