Tips and Tricks!

by Andrea Wackerle

This month I would like to share some resources I have found that you might find interesting. 

The first resource was prompted by a recent Zoom meeting Julie and I had earlier with parents of Seniors at the Academy who had questions about transition for their child. I found this resource that I thought might be helpful to all of our SOAR families. 

Transition Checklist

This is one of the best checklists I have found for preparing you and your child with ADHD/LD or Autism for the Post Secondary School experience. This resource shares things you can work with your youth on as early as 9th grade, to get them prepared for the transition to the College experience.

Also, many parents have been asking for specific strategies to help their child with things like keeping track of their homework, staying organized and planning ahead for big projects coming up. This month, I highlight a book that I highly recommend.

This month’s recommended book for parents of youth with ADHD/LD/Autism.

Smart but Scattered by Peg Dawson and Richard Guare.  The book suggests it is for youth 4-14, and of course, it is always great to get started building supports into your home environment when your child is young, but I would venture to say the strategies and tools in this book will work with kids of any age!

 If you have books or resources that you have found to be particularly helpful when working with your youth, please share them with me and I will be sure to include them in the next newsletter!