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Life Success Attributes by Indy the Cat – Goal Setting

Meow, it’s me again…You know, Colonel Indy the Camp Cat. I’m back in action to talk a little about the next Life Success Attribute -Goal-Setting. I took a little time this morning to flip through SOAR’s staff manual to really understand how SOAR uses Goal-Setting to create a successful experience for your camper.Image

SOAR Students are encouraged to utilize a challenge-by-choice model. This model creates a degree of empowerment as students make choices regarding their participation.

Our campers and students have the opportunity to participate in our high ropes course at the Balsam Base Camp. Each participant set a personal goal when approaching the high ropes course which will be accepted and encouraged by their instructors and group. Some students will set a goal to complete the entire course blind-folded 5 times. Others will set a goal to put on a harness and climb to the top of the ladder then come back down. Whichever goal is set, it must be attainable and realistic.

SOAR students are involved in the planning process of their daily schedule, menus, program itinerary and activities in which they choose to participate.

For each menu and each program the overall group goal is to create and prepare well rounded and healthy meals. With these parameters our instructors help guide the group to set attainable food goals based on the following questions….How many days will we be out on expedition? Do we need to pack food in our backpacks? How many meals are we prepping for? Is everyone’s dietary need met? With these questions, the large goal becomes a little smaller and attainable.

SOAR students learn the APIE process, and systematically evaluate choices and decisions, both in discussion and in meetings.

APIE is an acronym used most with team development activities that provides a foundation for the rest of the summer program.

Assess – the situation. Each person can provide a strength.

Plan – map out the challenge and think through what is needed to complete that challenge.

Implement – Try the plan.

Evaluate – Did the plan work?

SOAR students are encouraged to divide projects into smaller and manageable components.

When presented with the opportunity to go backpacking, many students will automatically stonewall thinking the activity is daunting. However, backpacking in the most minimal and manageable activity. The group sits with a map and picks the area in which they want to explore. They then take that overall plan and break it into realistic distances to hike each day. Again, make each goal attainable.

SOAR students develop 3 goals to work towards during their time at SOAR, and individual reflections with instructors helps monitor achievement towards their stated objectives.

SOAR is a success based program. In fact, SOAR stands for Success Oriented Achievement Realized. You, your camper, and your camper’s instructors will all discuss 3 realistic and obtainable goals, yes ones that will challenge your camper. You know them best, you know their social skills, where frustrations manifest, their academic needs, and SOAR is here to assist in overcoming these “obstacles.”

I know my goal is to get as much tuna as possible. Well I have realized that I have to earn it and with that I create daily goals – give my owner just enough positive attention, know when other staff members aren’t available to pet me, remind myself that Chelsea’s lunch is not mine also, etc. I invite you to also use these tools in your home to create attainable goals. Signing off, Colonel Indy.

Self-Awareness – Life Success Attribute by Indy the Camp Cat

ImageMeow, fellow friends, this is Colonel Indy bringing my thoughts to your from my posh chair in Kylie’s office. I just got in from a night of wandering and pondering in these beautiful, snowy woods. Day in and day out I listen to Kylie talk to parents like you. She talks about SOAR’s many different programs, the activities, the food, the lodging, and most important of all – the benefits of SOAR. SOAR has a unique ability to instill Life Success Attributes in our campers and students diagnosed with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities.

What are Life Success Attributes, you may ask? The Frostig Center “identified six attributes which supported students’ striving for success in school and life.” These six attributes are Self-Awareness, Perseverance, Problem-Solving, Support systems, Goal Setting, and Emotional Coping Strategies. Students who are diagnosed with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities struggle with life skills. This is precisely why SOAR exists, to help teach life success attributes through adventure programming, one nugget at a time.

So as the cat that I am, I found myself wandering through the woods and thinking about one Attribute in particular, Self-Awareness. As a cat, I know myself pretty darn well. I honestly think I’m pretty hot-to-trot and I have instinctively realized the ways to communicate my needs with these crazy humans around me. Since I recognize my strengths, I want to help my student friends to be more self-aware. I have noticed that many of my student friends come to SOAR labeled and categorized. These “labels” have come with negative undertones, but in reality the traits of my friends are far from negative. Let’s begin to focus on strengths rather than challenges.

Distractible   vs   Multi-Taskable

Oversensitive    vs   Intuitive

Perseverates   vs   Ultra-Focused

Disorganized   vs   Flexible

Day-Dreamer   vs   Creative

Procrastinates   vs   Deadline Dependent

Rigid   vs   Structured

Manipulative   vs   Leadership

Stubborn   vs   Tenacious

How would you want your child to see themselves?


Stay tuned as I touch on each Life Success Attribute over the next few weeks. Signing Off – Colonel Indy