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Support Systems


  • Encourage your child to choose only friends who encourage positive behavior.


  • Monitor your child’s friendships closely.  Keep communication open by asking questions and having your child participate in planning play dates.


  • Do not hesitate to disallow contact with “friends” who are encouraging misbehavior.


  • Model how to ask for help in daily family interactions.


  • Encourage your child to be satisfied with a small group of close friends.


  • Encourage your child to help others. By helping others, they will see the value of allowing someone to help them when they are in need.


  • Find or create a friend group that is built around your child’s passions and interest.


  • Talk with your child about how to give and take when conversing with others. Practice by using a talking stick or other prop when having family conversations.


  • Teach your child to take turns. Playing board games as a family is a good way to practice this skill.


  • Teach your child how to ask questions and show interest in another person and their story.


  • Help your child learn how to listen so the other person feels listened to. Role play is good practice for this skill.


  • Help your child be mindful of their body language. 90% of all communication is through body language.


  • Role-play with your child. Taking on the perspective of another character, helps your child to have patience with people who may see things differently than they do. It also makes learning new skills more fun!


  • Insure that mentors and teachers are allowing your child to become more autonomous, and not more dependent on them.


  • Insure your child is aware of their rights- basic human rights and rights under federal laws related to individuals with disabilities. Have discussions with your child regarding how to access their rights.


For more information or targeted strategies regarding your child’s specific strengths or challenges contact our Family Support Coordinator, Dr. Liz Simpson (Liz@soarnc.org).