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Full Time and Summer Openings

SOAR hires summer staff starting in October through April. Our Academy and GAP Year Instructors are often hired within our summer staff. We post all available positions on oue website. Check out current openings.

Camp Quotes

We keep going back as our son experiences challenges and success in setting goals and accomplishing them. I think he gains self-validation and competence. He tries new foods, new activities, and new responsibilities. And he meets new friends. He always seems to have matured at SOAR and comes home more self-aware and confident.

– Camp Parent

Our son attended SOAR summer camp two years in a row, and it was a fantastic experience for him both times. The SOAR counselors understand kids with ADHD and how to help them grow.

Camp Parent

SOAR provides an opportunity for [campers] to get away from the “easy activities” they seem to gravitate to—video games, computers and TV—and into really life-changing activities that require them to grow as individuals. [My son] came back more focused and mature, and more willing to take responsibility for his self.

– Camp Parent

My son received a level of love, care, growth and encouragement from his counselors – and a sense of comradeship with his cabin mates unparalleled to any other camps/teams/classes of which he has been a part. He is still maintaining (most) aspects of behavioral maturity he developed while at camp. He is better with his communication and has more self-confidence. At SOAR he was surrounded by others with those struggles/feelings similar to his own. He was able to have great adventures and positively work on himself, encourage and be encouraged by others, and develop skills that will strengthen him for a life time. And for these young ones, the whole world is before them!

Camp Parent

The SOAR environment was perfect for our son. He struggled to pay attention in school and stay organized, but after the first summer camp at SOAR he was like a different kid. Literally. I could not believe the level of positive behaviors he’d developed over just 18 days. Through SOAR, we’ve seen him develop confidence and independence, as well as self-awareness about his ADHD and skills to help him turn the way he perceives the world into strengths.

-Camp Parent

One of the most meaningful things for my son was interacting with peers who accept him. Being around kids who have many of the same challenges he does was very powerful for him.

– Camp Parent

I learned nothing’s impossible, basically, the word impossible spells I’m possible!

– Hilary, Camper

I learned that if I try to face my fear hard enough, I WILL succeed

– Joshua, Camper

At SOAR, I found out that people think I’m awesome.

– George, Camper

I learned that I can do many things if I put my mind to it, and that I can control my reactions and actions towards people and things.

– Adam, Camper

The programming at SOAR for children with ADHD & LD and their families simply cannot be beat. It is one of the only camps of its kind in the country. We &/or our son attended Family Camp weekend and Llama Trek this year. At Family Camp, we learned valuable lessons for working with our son, encouraging his behavior and shaping his future. We made connections with other families who have children whose brains work like our son’s. Additionally, we were afforded the opportunity to speak with several experts in the field.

– Camp Parent

Llama Trek may have been the highlight of my son’s entire life. He was with “his people” (as he puts it) and felt wholly understood and accepted. All of the outdoor adventures were right up his alley. He had the opportunity to collaborate with others, assume leadership roles, and push outside of his typical comfort zone. The depth and breadth of information you receive (at the debriefing) from the staff about your child’s experience is invaluable. He is greatly looking forward to returning next summer.

– Camp Parent

I can’t even tell you how much SOAR has done for Nate. When he came home this year, he was so much more confident, especially because he made friends who were “like” him. He felt accepted. And he also felt accomplished. Basically, he had some idea of how awesome he really is.

– Sarah, Camp Parent

Mom, this is the first time I’ve been with kids that are like me. I felt so comfortable and I was a real part of the group. I can’t wait to go back next summer.

– Alyssa, Camper

Hey Mom, I’m having a great time here. I have made tons of friends. I’m having tons of fun! I’ll see you in a few days. I’ll tell you more in my Journal! I miss you!!

– Jack, Camper

The communication from staff during program was very assuring. Knowing your child is safe is very comforting. There are not many places that accommodate for our kids who are outside the box. As parents it was so refreshing to have a good feeling when you are leaving your child.

-Lisa, Camp Parent

“My son just returned from 2-1/2 months of camp at the Balsam Base in NC. This is his second year to attend SOAR camp, and once again the experience has been transformative for him (and for the rest of the family). He is compliant, helpful, and most of all, happy. We have been so pleased with our camp experience that we have enrolled him in the Academy for this school year.

– Camp Parent

Excellent! Changed my son’s life. Gave him confidence when he had none. The counselors are excellent!

– Camp Parent

The entire process was a wonderful experience for Nathan and for us as a family. The staff was very supportive, especially regarding Nathan’s multiple food allergies. They really went out of there way to find and provide foods that he enjoys. I have NEVER heard Nathan talk about any activity as much-and in as much detail-as he has about SOAR. For someone who is a “man of few words,” that speaks volumes about your program.

– Kathy, Camp Parent

It was amazing for our son to be somewhere they understood him. His strengths and challenges were embraced so he could have a great camp experience and also try so many new activities.

– Camp Parent

I am very happy that our daughter had this experience. I was very concerned when I dropped her off because she looked sad and afraid. When we picked her up, she was smiling and couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful time she had!

– Lisa, Camp Parent

This will be my son’s 5th year attending SOAR. It’s the highlight of his summer. He thrives when on course and it crosses over when he comes home. Over the years we have seen his self-confidence and willingness to attempt new things blossom. He has become more aware of social skills and has been given ample opportunities to build leadership skills. His counselors treated him exceptionally well and seemed in tune to his specific needs. I would highly recommend SOAR for children who love the outdoors and learns best by celebrating successes. Are kids going to have to push themselves, work hard and step outside of their comfort zone? Yes. Are they better for doing so? Absolutely!

– Danielle, Camp Parent

GAP Quotes

We believe that [my son’s] experience in your program fundamentally changed him- he likes and believes in himself! And this has influenced his whole outlook on life. He is calm, reflective, doing his work [previously NEVER done without one-on-one assistance], taking care of his personal space and body… You gave our son a level of confidence he never had before – our lives have truly changed!

– GAP Parent

Academy Quotes

We cannot thank you all enough for the time – energy – patience and creativity it took to teach Josh. Our desire has always been for our son to love learning – not just put in his time – but to truly find a passion in life that will allow him to flourish. Our family values each other’s unique talents and believes strongly that we all have a path to follow. This SOAR process helped Josh gain a great deal of confidence, and see how much he can persevere even under trying circumstances. We can only imagine how much effort it takes to motivate these young people, and we honor all the hours you gave to them. Your feedback to us in so valuable and we will continue to rely on any works of wisdom you can provide for strategies in the coming school year.

– Academy Parent

I want to also thank you and all of Soar staff for helping Kelsey progress in her processing deficiencies, social interactions, and helping her learn how to advocate for herself in the classroom and outside of the classroom as well! Each time that I get to talk with her she seems extremely happy. When I took her home for the fall weekend, she talked nonstop the whole way home and then added more things throughout the weekend!!!! I am so glad we chose to enroll her in SOAR

– Academy Parent

One of the most fundamental aspects to SOAR is the self-accountability through the proposal system and self-evaluation process. It has allowed me to become more responsible with my technology and advocating for what I need in the Professional and Academic World.

– Academy Parent

Through SOAR, we’ve seen our son develop confidence and independence, as well as self-awareness about his ADHD and skills to help him turn the way he perceives the world into strengths. His SOAR experience also helped us as parents see ways that his public school environment is detrimental to his development. We sent him to SOAR Academy this year, and from a parent perspective, it’s like SOAR summer camp (and academically-inclined), only more so. He has thrived and continued tao develop leadership and executive skills, and his grades are top-notch. We’re extremely impressed with SOAR

– Academy Parent

After attending one summer session in Wyoming, this is my son’s second year at the Academy. I could not feel more positive about his experience there and he is enjoying it more all the time. Henry made friends at camp that he’s still in touch with and regards his friends at school as a second family. It’s not always easy but his learning is tremendous. SOAR is truly unique in the entire staff’s commitment to and understanding of teens with ADHD. The connection they draw between the outdoors and inner growth is a valuable gift that I know he will carry with him throughout his entire life. SOAR is fully engaged with helping my son find out what an exceptional person he is. Thank you, SOAR!

– Academy Parent

Our son first attended the Summer Camp at SOAR and then decided that he wanted to return and do his 11th and 12th grade at the Academy at SOAR. This year he is a Senior. We are very please with his progress. It feels as if he has undergone a remarkable transformation, and we absolutely appreciate his newly acquired and sincere “can do” spirit. This impressive shift has made it obvious to us that our son’s remarkable improved attitude is the direct result of his enrollment at SOAR, and that he is clearly benefiting from his experience at the Academy. From our perspective, the structure and stability offered at the campus by the faculty and staff, along with the unique learning environment, have been just what our son needed to tap into his potential both as a student and individual. Thank you SOAR!!!

– Academy Parent

SOAR is an incredible program and I recommend it to any family struggling with the challenge of raising a non-neurotypical child in the standard learning environment. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, patient, compassionate, and effective. They have the ability to meet your kid where they are and work through challenged to create success and build confidence. The SOAR program has changed our family’s trajectory and our daughter is a more confident, independent version of herself because of them. She is learning life skills that are just not available in a traditional learning environment. SOAR is exactly what we needed. Thank you!

– Academy Parent

My son is a smart kid, but in addition to being diagnosed with ADD, he lacked executive functioning skills and the ability to read social cues. By the middle of the first semester of his freshman year in HS, his grades were almost below redemption and his self-esteem was heartbreakingly low. We are so grateful to have found The Academy at SOAR. He transferred the second semester of 9th grade and will be graduating from the academy this spring. The transformation has been amazing; he is confident, social, curious, goal-driven and an “A” student. The combination of supportive teachers and instructors along with the challenges experienced outdoors were a perfect alchemy for his personality. We look forward to seeing what this amazing young man will do in the future! Thank you SOAR!

– Academy Parent

Our son attends Academy at SOAR and SOAR’s Summer Program’s. I’ll speak for him and say that it’s transformed his life. He comes home soo excited that we can’t imagine him being anywhere else. Thank you SOAR!!

– Academy Parent

Staff Quotes

Working at SOAR is not a job to me, it is a lifestyle. Being an adventurous people person, there is no lifestyle I would rather live than that as a SOAR employee. I am not in the business of making money but in the business of changing lives

– SOAR Staff

More than anything, the one thing that keeps me coming back to work at SOAR is seeing how proud the kids become of themselves when they achieve things they never thought were possible.

– Summer Staff

SOAR has meant so much to me personally and professionally. As challenging as the job can be, I truly enjoy being a part of enriching the lives of the youth we serve and the atmosphere that comes with this growth. Spending time in the outdoors is also a plus!

– Summer Staff

It is truly rare to find a job where you can invest one-hundred percent of yourself in the lives of the others around you. At SOAR you have that opportunity. Not only do you invest your time and energy in the lives of the exceptional youth we serve you also invest in the other staff that serve alongside with you. You give more of yourself than at most any other job, and on the flip side you receive so much more. The rewarding feeling is worth every minute you spend.

– GAP Staff