Spanish Immersion Program


9th-12th grade


9 Weeks



Academic Credit Opportunities: Spanish I, Spanish II, or Spanish III

The Spanish Immersion course provides students with an opportunity to earn foreign language credit during the school-year summer break. This Academy at SOAR course provides a unique opportunity to learn the Spanish language through first-hand experience, by being immersed in the incredible culture of a Spanish-speaking country.

Students will live and attend school internationally, with the country of residence determined by access and accommodations. Students will attend a Spanish language school, which allows for a full and dynamic immersion experience. In addition to language skills, students will gain practical life experience, increase their independent living skills, and discover the culture of the country of residence. Students’ interactions with locals through daily tasks and responsibilities and extending to their travels, provides consistent opportunities to practice, learn and refine their conversational Spanish in a variety of situations.

Students will delve into a way of living much different from our own, perhaps nowhere more noticeable than the open-air markets in these small communities. Here they will come to buy food to prepare for meals, local crafts, and other commodities while also practicing their Spanish skills.

The group will discover the incredible diversity of the country of residence as they explore both the cultural and adventure sites available to them. Adventure activities may include hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, canopy tours, swimming, and eco-tourism.

  • Students must have a valid passport.
  • At nine weeks, this program offers so much more than can be described here.
  • Contact our Admissions Office at or at 828-456-3435 for more information.

How to Apply

  • Complete the online application here. A $100 application fee is required. You will be required to submit the following supporting documents.
    • Academic Transcript & Current Grades
    • IEP or 504 Plan (if available)
    • Psychological Evaluation (if available)
  • Once your application is received, we will review it and contact you to schedule a visit or phone interview with you, your child, and our Program Director.

*A final decision cannot be made until all documents are submitted. A deposit is due upon acceptance.

Our Activities

Zip Lining


Rock Climbing



Much More!

*Activities and locations are subject to change. A general itinerary will be provided.

After attending the Academy at SOAR for 2 wonderful semesters, my 13 year old asked to participate in an 8 week Spanish Immersion work/study program with one of the teachers and 2 other staff members from SOAR. He and 3 other boys lived and worked and traveled throughout South America for 2 months. The entire trip was chronicled on a Shutterfly site, so that I could follow the trips and watch my boy succeed! They visited the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon. They went ice climbing and sand surfing. John came home with a far greater sense of self confidence and a much greater capacity for cooperating at the family level. Having experienced another culture and the many different levels of socio/economic communities that he took part in, he has a far greater appreciation for the things he has at home. He has completed the equivalent of 1 year of HS Spanish, and he is only entering the 8th grade. I highly recommend becoming involved with the Academy at SOAR and any of it’s summer programs.

Parent of Student