SOAR’s GAP Year Taking Off!

by Andrea Wackerle


We’re so excited here at SOAR to be launching the first year of our GAP Year Program. After many years of parents asking us to offer a program like that, we’ve given in!

Our GAP Year Program (stands for Gateway Adventure Program) is in a similar format as our AD/HD and LD Academy based here in beautiful Balsam, NC. The major differences are that the GAP Year students are based in Dubois, Wyoming at Eagle Valley Ranch, a stone’s throw from Yellowstone, Glacier, Rocky Mountain, Arches and many other national parks. Additionally, GAP Year students are treated more as adults, given more responsibility and independence, and can even take classes at the local community college while they’re here.

Eagle Valley Ranch in Wyoming is a gorgeous setting nestled in the Rockies. GAP Year students will take adventures from here to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, seeing things like Old Faithful Geyser, buffalo, gorgeous mountains and potentially lots of other incredible wildlife. Many other expeditions could include California, Utah, New Mexico, and even Costa Rica or Belize.

Gap Year 1 Riflery

Gap year riverGap Year yellowstoneGap year lake






In between the amazing expeditions, students will get the opportunity to take classes at Central Wyoming College, volunteer at the student’s chosen location, get involved in the community in Dubois, and plan the next adventures! Students get a healthy mix of adult responsibilities and the feeling of independence, along with continuing education into an academic or technical field.

Again, we’re so excited to be offering this opportunity to young adults that aren’t sure what to do next. A chance to see the world, learn essential life skills and have a home base in a beautiful area are all great experiences to have when trying to figure it all out.

If you’re interested in learning more you can visit our GAP Year overview page, the FAQ as well as of course calling and talking to us! Our phone number is 828-456-3434 and have a chat with Lynne or Andrea! There’s still time to register.