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Mission & History


To provide experiential education, interpersonal life skills development, and outdoor adventure-based programming to youth, young adults, and families dealing with ADHD and/or other Learning Disabilities through outdoor adventure programs and community-based services.


SOAR was founded in 1977 by Jonathan Jones, an adult with a learning disability, who believed that focusing on an individual’s strengths, rather than their deficits, was critical in ensuring success. Throughout the past 40 years, our programs have been adapted around the specific needs of the ADHD and LD community we serve. Our understanding of this population is in everything we do—in the way we approach challenges and adventures, in the way we structure each day, in the way we handle conflicts, and in the way we celebrate each participant’s abilities.

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Press Kit

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Our Programs

SOAR is an accredited summer camp, boarding school, and GAP year program serving youth and young adults with ADHD and learning disabilities in locations across the country. SOAR provides fun and successful experiences so that participants gain a greater awareness of their own strengths and build self-confidence. Campers, students, and gappers are learning social skills, executive functioning strategies, and practicing self-advocacy through outdoor adventure activities and travel in a small group setting. Through these incredible adventures, participants make new friendships, build self-confidence, and develop life skills. Join us on the journey to success!



For press inquiries please contact Brittney Howell by emailing brittney@soarnc.org