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North Carolina Academic Discovery

Ages 11 to 18, 26 days

Cost: $5,300

At 26 days, this program combines the excitement of adventure activities along with classroom instruction. Throughout the 26 days, campers will spend about 8 days in classroom instruction and will also go on two academic field trips. On classroom days, campers will spend around 3 hours in class. The remainder of the day is spent doing activities nearby, including day hikes, team building initiatives, archery, primitive skills and other activities that promote communication and teamwork.


The classroom experience is designed to help campers develop the skills which allow for greater success in the academic classroom, and will help students from “taking a step backward” in the summer months. Students will work on study skills and organization strategies, and will participate in learning style assessments designed to identify strength areas and opportunities for development. Campers will choose to focus on Language Arts or Math and will receive support in these areas from our teachers.

Rock Climbing

The weekend field expeditions provide a chance for campers to test their strengths and participate in exciting adventures. This course offers a wide variety of experiences each with their own unique rewards:

Backpacking: Campers will learn the value of expedition planning and organization as they determine their backpacking route, meal plan, and pack for their adventure into the backcountry! Hiking days will be rewarded with evenings under the stars celebrating their daily accomplishments.

High Ropes Course: Nothing tests camper’s limits more than traversing from element to element high in the trees above Balsam Base! But participation will no doubt prove to campers that by pushing themselves out of their comfort zone, they are capable of much more than they may have ever thought possible!

North Carolina Zip Line

Rock Climbing: Climbing to new heights teaches campers the value of goal setting, problem solving, and the importance of trusting in yourself and your support systems. This experience will provide campers a new perspective both on their own strengths, as well as a new perspective of the world around them.

Perched on top

Belayed Tree climbing: Climbing trees is a favorite of many kids, and we’ve found a way to make it safe. Campers will be “on belay” as they venture further and further into the treetops, high above the ground and their team cheering them on below.

Whitewater rafting: Teamwork and communication is required as the groups navigate down the wild rapids of the Nantahala River. Campers will gain confidence in themselves as the rapids build in strength, culminating in the thrilling Class 3 rapid, known as Lesser Wesser.

Caving: Exploring the dark, muddy cave is a great opportunity for the team to practice communication and teamwork. Campers will utilize all of their sense as they discover the incredible geologic features of Worley’s Cave in Tennessee.

Funyak Tuckaseegee River: Funyaking, also known as inflatable kayaking, allows campers to experience the thrills of descending whitewater while gaining a sense of confidence as they control their own path down the exciting river!

Whitewater Teamwork

Tubing on the river







My Camp Experience

"For parents of children with no learning differences or neurological conditions, a 12-day span of 12 "good" days may be taken for granted and considered the norm. But for parents of children with difficult issues, a 12-day span of good days is priceless, if not almost unheard of. This is an experience Henry will never forget. When the long and lonely days of winter beat him down, and the social and academic storms begin to brew, he can call up these memories and know that he has value as a person, that he can function as a respected member of a team, and that he is capable of doing things beyond his comfort zone. These experiences, and their memories, will keep his tank full throughout the year, and we know that can mean the difference between success and failure for him."

Calla & Reed, Camper Parents 2009

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  • Swimming
  • Primitive Skills
  • Science Museum and Nature Center
  • English or Math
  • High Ropes Course
  • Backpacking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Caving / Spelunking

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