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Looking for a longer summer camp experience?

Enroll in multiple courses to create a custom experience that lasts all summer long

With so many adventures, it’s hard to choose just one! Create a custom summer camp experience that can last all summer long by enrolling in multiple courses! Students participating in more than one course are invited to stay at Balsam Base or Eagle View Ranch between courses. Activities are fun and relaxed as students recharge for their next course. There is a fee of $100 per day, which includes all activity costs.

Here are a few combinations to consider!

2 North Carolina Courses

NC Canoeing Session 2

NC Horseback Riding Session 3

24 days

Ages 11-18

3 North Carolina Courses

NC Canoeing Session 2

NC Backpacking Session 3

NC Horseback Riding Session 4

36 days

Ages 11-18

2 Wyoming Courses

WY Canoe Adventure Session 1

WY Horsepacking Adventure Session 2

36 days

Ages 11-18

2 Specialty Courses

Costa Rica and NC Whitewater Intensive


21 days

Ages 14-18




My Camp Experience

"SOAR has really helped our family by giving Cameron a very successful overnight camping experience, and also by giving us specific and extremely helpful (because they are so specific) suggestions for strategies to use at home. Thank you for breaking down parenting into easy-to-follow, ADHD-specific steps!"

Camper Parent, 2015

Courses and sessions can be customized. Prices may vary depending on session dates and number of layover days. Contact our Admissions Office today to discuss the best course combinations and to schedule layover days.



To apply, select multiple courses on camper application.