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NC Llama Trek

Ages 8 to 10, 12 Days

Cost: $3,300

The Llama Trek program was designed after feedback from our parents who wanted their younger campers to experience a SOAR program. Our low staff to student ratio (1:4) provides a nurturing environment for those youth who may not be used to being away from home or who may need additional help keeping track of belongings, maintaining hygiene, and learning to work as part of a team.

We understand that many campers this age may be anxious about being away from home and trying new things, and we are mindful of this in our approach. Nightly meetings will help campers process the skills and strategies they learned and developed each day.

The highlight of this trip is the 3-day, 2-night Llama Trek Expedition in Panthertown Wilderness area. Campers are each assigned their own llama, and learn how to take responsibility for their furry friend, who in-turn helps them out by carrying their gear! Campers will learn wilderness skills as they camp among scenic valleys, gorgeous waterfalls and rare, high-altitude bogs.course-image-1

Campers will also test their strength and learn about goal setting & problem solving through their participation in rock climbing around Pisgah National Forest. They will explore the incredible area around them and visit the Cradle of Forestry Museum. Teamwork will be the focus while whitewater rafting, as they learn to work together as a team to navigate the exciting rapids of the Nantahala River!

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My Camp Experience

"At the risk of sounding overly-dramatic, I must tell you that Henry's SOAR experience affected our entire family, on many levels. SOAR offered Henry the chance to feel normal, instead of like a misfit. For us, SOAR is like a great equalizer, where all children are on an even playing field, and labels and stigmas are left at the door."

Calla & Reed, Camper Parents 2009

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  • Llama Treks
  • Rock Climbing
  • Low Ropes course
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Swimming
  • Cradle of Forestry Museum

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