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Florida Keys Adventure

Ages 11 to 18, 10 Days

Cost: $3,300

A truly magnificent course in a beautiful environment, the Florida Keys Adventure will take campers through a myriad of fun activities designed to build self-confidence, hone social skills, and foster responsibility.

The campers will begin their journey together in Fort Lauderdale, before splitting into their teams and traveling down to the Keys to enjoy various activities. Activities include kayaking around the keys and the surrounding mangroves, snorkeling at Looe Key Marine Sanctuary, deep sea fishing on our own boat, and swimming in the beautiful aquamarine waters of the Caribbean. Additionally, we’ll plan a trip together to Dry Tortugas Island, located half-way between Florida and Cuba and home to Fort Jefferson, a moat-surrounded, octagon-shaped fort dating back to the early 1800’s. While there, campers will explore the island discovering its patch reefs and shallow water shipwrecks, and will catch fish from shore and kayak in some of the best fishing waters of the country!


Each day and night, campers will work together with our trained staff to establish a quality routine including meal preparation, life skills, and personal hygiene. The course culminates in end of course festivities, where campers will celebrate their newfound skills and the experiences they had over the past 10 days. This is a truly remarkable, life-changing experience that will never be forgotten!







My Camp Experience

"For kids with low self-esteem and ADHD challenges, SOAR programs give them confidence in themselves and their abilities. Working with others is critical for success in life and SOAR provides the opportunity to learn how to compromise and communicate effectively through their team approach. The staff is incredibly caring and experienced. I can't say enough good things about what SOAR has done for my son and by extension, our family."

~ Camper Parent

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  • Snorkeling among the fish and reefs
  • Kayaking around the Keys and Mangroves
  • Boating in the Caribbean
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Swimming in Pristine Waters
  • Visiting Dry Tortugas Island / Ft Jefferson

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