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California Surfing Adventure

Ages 11 to 18, 10 Days

Cost: $3,700

The journey begins in Los Angeles where the campers will meet their teammates before heading up to the Ventura area. This course gives campers an opportunity to learn the basics of surfing or further hone their surfing skills! Campers will progress through 2 days of surfing instruction at a time (totaling 6 days) with expeditions along the southern coast of CA in between.  Campers begin by learning how waves are created, about the types of surf breaks, and the importance of safety and stewardship in this dynamic environment. Then it’s time to test their balance and coordination as they experience first-hand the joy of riding a wave.

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On expedition days, campers will visit the Channel Islands, an area rich in biodiversity and scenic vistas. Here they will also discover the surrounding kelp forests and sea caves while swimming, snorkeling, or sea kayaking. Campers will also spend a day rock climbing or stand up paddleboarding before returning for their final 2 days of surfing!

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My Camp Experience

"SOAR has really helped our family by giving Cameron a very successful overnight camping experience, and also by giving us specific and extremely helpful (because they are so specific) suggestions for strategies to use at home. Thank you for breaking down parenting into easy-to-follow, ADHD-specific steps!"

Camper Parent, 2015

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  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Exploration

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