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North Carolina
Multiple Courses

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North Carolina Courses

NC Backpacking (Ages 11 – 18)

Course Duration: 12 Days

This 12-day adventure offers a wide variety of activities designed to promote social skills, organization, and self-confidence. Activities include a 3-night backpacking expedition, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and an elective day.


NC Canoeing (Ages 11 – 18)


Course Duration: 12 Days

This highlight of this exciting course is a 3-night canoe expedition on Fontana Lake, in Great Smoky Mountains NP. Campers will learn teamwork, develop friendships, and increase their self-confidence as they participate in thrilling adventures including our high ropes course, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and more!


NC Horseback Riding (Ages 11 – 18)

NC-HorsbackrdingCourse Duration: 12 Days

This 12 day adventure provides campers the chance to horseback ride though the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains! Campers will learn communication skills & develop social skills as they learn to care for and bond with their horse as well as their teammates. Other activities include rock climbing, high ropes course, whitewater rafting and more!


NC Twice Exceptional Adventure (Ages 12 – 15)

Course Duration: 18 Days

This 18-day course was designed to meet the special needs of our campers who are both intellectually Gifted and LD/ADD/ADHD. This unique course incorporates environmental learning opportunities into each adventure activity we do. Activities include caving, mountain biking, rappelling, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, high & low ropes courses, and backpacking.


NC Academic Discovery (Ages 11 – 18)

NC-AcademicCourse Duration: 26 Days

At 26 days, this program combines the excitement of adventure activities along with classroom instruction. The classroom experience is designed to help campers develop the skills which allow for greater success in the academic classroom. The weekend field expeditions provide a chance for campers to test their strengths and participate in exciting adventures such as backpacking, caving, rock climbing, high ropes, rafting, and more.


California Courses

CA Coastal Adventure (Ages 11 – 18)

CA-ExpeditionCourse Duration: 10 Days

Campers on this 10- day adventure will travel along the California coast as they develop confidence and socials skills while exploring this amazing world around them. Activities include rock climbing, surfing, deep sea fishing, sea kayaking, and an exciting venture to Channel Islands NP.


CA Expedition (Ages 11 – 18)

Course Duration: 15 Days

This 15 day journey takes campers through some of the most incredible places California has to offer, including Monterey Bay and Yosemite NP. Campers will develop teamwork, social skills, self-confidence, organization and more as they explore the region on foot and by boat. Activities include sea kayaking, backpacking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting and more.


CA Surfing Adventure (Ages 11 – 18)

Course Duration: 10 Days

This 10 day adventure gives campers the opportunity to learn a fun and lifelong skill–SURFING! Campers will progress through 2 days of surfing instruction at time (totaling 6 days) with expeditions along the southern coast of CA inbetween like sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and snorkeling!


Wyoming Courses

WY Canoe Adventure (Ages 11 – 18)

WY-CanoeingCourse Duration: 18 Days

At 18 days, this course is packed with exciting adventures in the Wild West. Campers will develop teamwork and social skills, improve self-confidence, and push past their perceived limits as they explore this incredible area. Activities include visits to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons, a 3-night canoe expedition, horseback riding, a Rodeo, rock climbing, rafting and much more!


WY Twice Exceptional Adventure (Ages 12 – 15)

Course Duration: 18 Days

This one of a kind adventure is for campers who love to learn about the environment, as it incorporates visits to museums, a dinosaur dig, and environmental lessons in Yellowstone and Grand Teton NP as well as nearby nature centers. Campers will learn about themselves and the world around them as they explore the Wild West. Activities include hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, archery, riflery, canoeing, and much more!


WY Horsepacking Adventure (Ages 11 – 18)

WY-HorsebackCourse Duration: 18 Days

This is the ultimate Western Adventure! At 18 days, this course is full of exciting adventures designed to promote leadership, social skills, and self-esteem. Campers will participate in a 3-night horsepacking expedition, experience a rodeo, and visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton NP. Other activities include rock climbing, whitewater rafting, riflery, archery, and much more!


WY Academic Adventure (Ages 11 – 18)

WY-AcademicCourse Duration: 18 Days

This 18-day course provides campers the opportunity to participate in both academics and incredible adventure activities! Academic sessions are designed to help students identify learning styles, develop study skills, and practice academics. The field expeditions provide a chance for campers to test their strengths and participate in exciting adventures such as horseback riding, rock climbing, rafting, canoeing, and exciting visits to Yellowstone and Grand Teton NP.


Florida Course

FL Keys Adventure (Ages 11 – 18)

Fl-KeysCourse Duration: 10 Days

This magical 10 day adventure takes campers through a wide range of activities in the sunny FL keys, and is designed to build self-confidence, social skills, and promote life skills. Activities include snorkeling in Looe Key Marine Sanctuary, deep sea fishing, sea kayaking among the surrounding mangroves, and an exciting trip to Fort Jefferson NP- an island fort just 90 miles from Cuba!


Christmas in the Florida Keys (Ages 8 – 18)

Fl-KeysCourse Duration: 6 Days

Come escape the cold winter and join us in the sunny Florida Keys! This six day program is a great opportunity for campers to develop social skills and participate in fun and exciting adventures that promote self-confidence and organizational skills. Open to new campers and SOAR Alumni alike, this course was originally designed to help campers revisit some of the strategies and success experienced on summer courses. Although short in length, this adventure is a powerful opportunity to remind campers of their gifts and strengths, which can be forgotten in the midst of a demanding school year.


Specialty Courses

Adirondacks Adventure (Ages 12 – 15)

Course Duration: 11 Days

This 11 day program offers a glimpse into the incredible activities the Northeast has to offer! Campers will canoe, bike, raft and climb their way across this region as they develop teamwork, social skills and confidence in their abilities. This course is for campers ages 12 to 15.


Multiple Course Options

Create Your Own (Ages 11 – 18)
SOAR Summer Camp

Course Duration: Varies

With so many adventures, it’s hard to choose just one! Create a custom experience that last all summer long by enrolling in multiple courses! Students participating in more than one course are invited to stay at Balsam Base or Eagle View Ranch between courses. Activities are fun and relaxed as students recharge for their next course.