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Siblings of Campers with ADHD

We encourage families to also consider having your child’s sibling(s) attend camp. Siblings who do not have ADHD or a learning disability are certainly impacted and sometimes feel lost or disrupted, especially when most of your family’s focus tends to be placed on your child with ADHD or LD. Camp can be an incredible bonding experience for siblings, and it can also create a level of understanding that has been lacking in their relationship thus far. Here are just a few ways that siblings can benefit from the camp experience at SOAR.

Awareness & Understanding: Your neurotypical child may find it difficult to see their sibling’s unique strengths and abilities. Everyday life environments unfortunately create more opportunities to see their sibling struggle than to thrive. By being in an environment focused on success for all campers, your children will have the opportunity to see each other overcome challenges, experience success, and discover new strengths. Through this process, your neurotypical child will develop a greater understanding of their sibling and begin to see their positive qualities and not just their challenges. They will also see that many other children are just like their sibling, making having ADHD or an LD much less isolating.

Comradery: No matter which camp you choose for your children, they will all have one thing in common–new people! Camp offers one of the most unique social environments, creating an even playing field for forming new friendships. You may only see sibling rivalry in your home, but as your siblings come to camp only knowing one another, this rivalry soon transforms into comradery. Yes, they will each have opportunities to meet new people and make new friends, but their instinct to rely on one another will be stronger than ever.

Memories: The adventures at SOAR create strong memories that will last a lifetime. Your children will be able to look back on their camp experience as a time that they shared together, away from parents, family, and every day life. Our hope is that your children will develop a love for nature and develop new interests that they can further explore together, increasing the areas they have in common and lessening their differences.

These benefits are for campers and siblings of all ages. If your children are close in age and do want to attend the same course, we can arrange for them to be together or in separate groups. If they have different interests, we would love to help you find the best fit for each of them.

For more tips on how to support siblings in your home, check this blog (7 Ways to Support Siblings in an ADHD Home) from our Executive Director John Willson.