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What Are the Campers Like at SOAR?

Parents are looking for the right camp for their child. Part of this means making sure that their camper will belong and feel comfortable being themselves.

Learning & Attention Issues

SOAR exclusively serves campers with learning and attention issues (such as ADHD, other Learning Disabilities, or High Functioning Autism) and their siblings. It is also very common for our campers to struggle with social skills, developing or maintaining friendships, executive functioning, anxiety, or other challenges.


A camper’s self-confidence can be negatively impacted by frustration or feelings of failure at school, challenges with peer relationships, or fear and anxiety to try new things. It is very common for our campers to have low self-confidence. We seek to change the way our campers see themselves by challenging them through outdoor adventure! Campers will face and overcome challenges physically and emotionally, resulting in increased self-confidence.

School Setting

The majority of our campers are in a mainstream classroom. Many do receive accommodations through an IEP or 504 Plan. We do also have some campers who attend private schools for students with learning and attention issues.

Variety of Profiles within a Group

As with any school or camp setting there will be a variety of personalities, interests, strengths, and challenges within each group. Learning to communicate, work together as a team, and experience amazing adventures together as a group is part of the growth that happens at camp.


  • Ages 8-18 w/ Option for Postgraduates Ages 18-24

  • Co-Ed


  • ADHD

  • Learning Disabilities

  • High Functioning Autism

*This is just a brief description of our camper population. We understand that each camper has unique strengths and challenges. We would love to learn more about your child and help you decide if SOAR will be the best fit.