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Ready to start your journey? Hooray! Here are your next steps:


Complete an Online Application. You will be notified of acceptance via email from our Admissions Team.


Log into your CampInTouch Account to access your forms, make payments, and get helpful information. (What is your CampInTouch Account?)

You will need to do the following:

  • Submit Student Required Forms
  • Plan your Travel– Open the Travel Form in your Forms Dashboard to access your course-specific travel requirements. (i.e. airport options, arrival/departure times, etc)
  • Schedule Drop Offs & Pick Ups- Please call us to schedule. NC/FL/Specialty Courses call 828-456-3435. WY/CA Courses call 307-455-3084
  • Purchase Gear / Pack- You can find your gear list to the right or access it in the Forms Dashboard. Need help understanding the Gear List? This Gear Guide will help!
  • Submit Final Payment (Read More)


The day has arrived! Prior to your arrival, your child’s staff will conduct an inbrief to go over any last-minute questions, set course goals, and to go over any medications your child may be taking. Throughout the course, we will take#3 pictures that will be posted to your CampInTouch account after the course ends.


Each family will receive a pack of information which includes the Student Achievement Report, List of Suggested Strategies, photo, certificate, and a document with more information on working with your camper to develop successful life skills. We hope that your SOAR experience is just the beginning of your child’s Journey to Success, and that they continue to benefit from all they experienced here. You will also be asked to complete a Parent Evaluation. Your feedback is critical to our goal of providing the best quality programs possible.

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What is My CampInTouch Account?

When completing your online application, you created a CampInTouch account. Account Login

By logging into your account, you will have access to the Forms Dashboard. Here you can access documents specific to the course you are enrolled in. You will need to download important documents, submit online forms, and print off forms to be signed and returned to our electronic fax. This key will help you determine the required action:


Online Form: Fill out information and submit online.

Download (PDF): Important documents for you to read.

Fax Back: These forms require a signature from yourself or your physican, so you will need to print each off and fax back to 801-820-3050. The barcode allows these forms to be automatically uploaded into your account.

Your CampInTouch account will also allow you to update the information we have on file, including your financial information. Here you can make a payment, edit your credit card on file, and check your balance information.

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