Summer Camp at SOAR Scholarships

LD & ADHD Scholarships—Need-Based Financial Support for Summer Camp at SOAR

Our programs provide participants the opportunity for growth in a nurturing, supportive environment. We know that the cost of tuition is out of reach for some families that may benefit from our services, so we strive to bridge the gap by offering various types of financial assistance in the form of ADHD scholarships to those who qualify.

Keep in mind that SOAR’s summer camp tuition varies by location, program length, and activities included in the session, and the amount of financial support provided in the form of scholarships may vary accordingly.

All of our ADHD scholarships are given based on need. We ask our families to be honest when completing the Scholarship Application.

Here is a list of the ADHD scholarships we offer:

  • General Camp Scholarship Fund. This fund is for any family that qualifies, based on need, to receive a scholarship from SOAR.
  • Military Camp Scholarship Fund. These scholarships are reserved for families that have a member in any branch of the military. It is one way that SOAR is able to say THANK YOU for your service!
  • Memorial Scholarship Fund. Memorial scholarships were created to honor the lives of those who have made a difference at SOAR and in our community.

How do I apply for one of SOAR’s LD & ADHD scholarships?

We have made the camp scholarship application process as simple as possible for your convenience.

Here is how to apply

  1. Contact SOAR’s Admissions Director at or 828-456-3435 and let them know you are interested in receiving financial assistance.
  2. Complete a Camper Application. Our application process is online, click here to learn more about the application process. Once submitted, our Admissions Director will make the Scholarship Application available to you.
  3. Complete the Scholarship Application. This is a separate application and can only be completed once the camper application has been received.
  4. After both applications have been received the Admissions Director will contact you to discuss your options

Other Pre-College ADHD Scholarship Opportunities

Looking for other LD and ADHD scholarships? Based on our research, it seems like there aren’t that many ADHD scholarship opportunities at the pre-collegiate level, but here are a few resources we’ve been able to track down:
Need a laptop or PC?
The National Cristina Foundation (NCF) provides computer technology, training, and solutions to people with disabilities, students at risk and economically disadvantaged persons.
Need ADHD/LD financial assistance in Florida?

The John M. McKay Program for Students with Disabilities offers financial assistance to families seeking school placements (public or private) for a child with a disability.

Need an ADHD scholarship for educational or enrichment opportunities?
  • Check local chapters of the International Kiwanis Club to find out about their scholarship opportunities. Search for your local International Kiwanis Club here.
  • Check local chapters of the Lions Club International to learn about their scholarship opportunities. Search for your local Lions Club International here.
  • Check with your local Rotary Club to learn about scholarships for travel and study overseas. Search for your local Rotary Clubs here.
    Check with the state and local chapters of the Improved Benevolent and Protective Order Elks of the World to find out about their scholarship opportunities. Search for your state or local chapter here.
  • Use the U.S. Department of Education’s website to find the contact information for people in your state who might be able to help you identify ADHD scholarship opportunities. Search the DOE site here.