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Responsibility Development


  • Encourage your child to accept meaningful responsibility at home by taking on household chores.  This develops a sense of belonging.


  • Consider a financial allowance system separate from these chores.


  • Rotate chores to guard against boredom and utilize chore cards that use pictures or words to detail the responsibility, step by step. Do not nag, simply hand your child the chore card.  Photocopy the chore cards as one or more will be lost along the way.


  • Look for opportunities for your family to engage in service learning.  This will both increase a sense of social commitment, and boost self-image in your child as they learn to give part of themselves to others.


  • Make sure your child is completing all required school and family responsibilities prior to having access to screen time.  Help them understand that this type of rule accurately reflects the way life works in the real world.  Make sure you are very specific and clear regarding expectations for task completion.


  • Have your child be responsible for making a meal one day a week. They have to determine the ingredients, shopping list, and estimate the cost. If they have forgotten anything, they must make the meal out of what they have, creating another learning experience with a natural consequence.


  • Have your child open a bank account and begin a savings plan with any money from allowance or birthdays. If money is readily available, it will be spent. A savings account helps your child with financial planning down the road.


  • Have your child deep clean their room once every couple of months. Create 3 piles, 1. Things to keep, 2. Things to give away and 3. Things to throw away. This helps your child be responsible for their belongings and helps them to establish what material goods they value and what they do not.


For more information or targeted strategies regarding your child’s specific strengths or challenges contact our Family Support Coordinator, Dr. Liz Simpson (Liz@soarnc.org).