People with ADHD are Stupid and Lazy: DEBUNKED!

by Anna LoPinto

Debunking Myths about People Diagnosed with ADHD: People with ADHD are Stupid and Lazy.

Recent studies reveal that most individuals with ADHD often have average to above-average intelligence. In fact, many grow up to be amazing entrepreneurs, business executives, entertainers and politicians. The list of high-achieving ADDers includes David Neeleman, founder of JetBlue Airways, Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinko’s, Paul Teutl Sr. of Orange County Choppers, and Adam Levine of “The Voice”. How did they raise to the top of their fields? Here is a hint, it is the opposite of lazy. We seem to have a mix of creative thinking, passion, and even a willingness to work harder to overcome our challenges.

Thinking Outside the Box

We tend to be innovators. Did you know that Neeleman is credited with inventing the e-ticket? The airline industry openly held his concept in disdain believing that travelers would be reluctant to use his system. Leave it to one of us to find a way to show up to the airport without a ticket and still be able to get on a plane. His out of the box thinking has revolutionized the travel industry.

The Opposite of Stupid and Lazy

Many of us ADDers change the world. Mozart, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, George Bernard Shaw, and Salvador Dali are but a few examples. We tend to be out of the box thinkers. In fact, our thought process might be better characterized by “Box the outside thinking.” We are certainly not stupid or lazy. We change the world, whether it be in our small communities, or impacting the national and world stage. Give me a problem and my mind will work a solution. Give me an opportunity and I will make the most of it. Give me a chance, then stand back and see what I can accomplish! When you call us lazy or stupid, you have exposed your truth not mine.