Notes from Dr. Liz: Taking Data and Getting It Right!

by Andrea Wackerle

The Academy at SOAR just finished the AdvancEd accreditation process and we could not be happier or prouder. Joe and Julie and the rest of the faculty, staff, and students put in countless hours to ensure that they were providing the evaluators with access to the people and evidence required for a successful outcome.  Julie reported the evaluators seemed really impressed with what we are doing here.  Julie shared some of the comments from the evaluators, such as we have a supportive environment,  strong communication between all stakeholders, open and transparent administration, positive school climate and a staff committed to the needs of all students.  Way to go!

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How was your experience with the Academy at SOAR? What have you retained from that experience that has helped you be successful today?

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GAP participants did a super job this year as well! We are so proud of the progress they all made. The amazing Nicole Gerber did an incredible job of putting together an amazing team of field staff who connected with each and every one of our participants on just the right level. She also provided engaging life skills classes and supportive community placements allowing the participants to grow into the amazing adults we celebrated at the family weekend! Go, team!

If you are a GAP Alumni and would like to participate in our Alumni Survey, please go to this link We would really like to hear from you!