Kestrel is a being of the rivers, oceans, and rain droplets. Kestrel has most recently inhabited Western Massachusetts making snow and grooming trails. They even got to do a residency at a timber framing and homebuilding crafts school! Kestrel started at SOAR in the summer of 2019 and frolicked right on over to The Academy that August. After grappling with what is most important to Kestrel and experimenting with how to prioritize those things, they gravitated back into the pull of the SOAR community. Kestrel filled in for the final month of the 21-22 school-year. The songs of serendipity blossomed and they came skipping back to the coolest humans in town (hint: it’s SOAR kids) with a deeper passion than ever before. Kestrel is pumped to be back in an environment where their weirdness is celebrated, encouraged, nourished, and appreciated! Much of what they are looking forward to sharing with these fantastic humans are some of their favorite activities to do. Kestrel loves all things water, most notably canoeing, rock-hopping up and down streams, and snowmaking. They also love the arts through just about any medium, reading, and rollerblading! Kestrel is most excited to continue to improve their Magic the Gathering skills and get involved with some cool Dungeons and Dragons campaigns this school year!