Dale has dedicated her life to education since graduating from Florida Atlantic University in 1980 with a B.A. in Exceptional Student Education and receiving additional certifications in Behavioral / Emotionally Handicapped, as well as Learning Disabilities from Western Carolina University. Over the past 35 years, Dale has taught students with learning challenges and now teaches in The Learning Resource Program at Christ School in Asheville, NC. The daughter of a long-time camp director, Dale made her way through the “ranks” of camper, from Kitchen Staff to Senior counselor. She dedicated her work ethic, sense of responsibility, and love for the outdoors to her family and her experiences at camp. Dale began working with SOAR as an Assistant Staff on various Alumni Specialty courses including trips to Belize, Costa Rica, the Canadian Rockies, the Florida Keys, and Peru. Dale has also spent summers teaching English and Math in the NC Academic Discovery Program. Dale is also a member of LDA NC and its Board. Her respect and admiration for Jonathan, John, and all the SOAR staff make her very proud to be a member of the SOAR Board of Directors.  It is an honor to support and represent the SOAR organization and what it provides for LD / ADHD youth and their families.