• Capella University,  Master of Science in School Counseling


Cade grew up in Runnells, Iowa near the capital city of Des Moines. Outdoor adventure has been a large part of his personal growth, self-care, and connection nature provides. Cade worked for SOAR as a campus instructor, field instructor, and summer staff dating back to 2018. Cade has hiked a dog part of the Pacific Crest Trail, and spent a lot of time backpacking in various parts of the western United States and Europe but fell in love with the beauty of western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains while at SOAR.  He believes that the wilderness offers a unique learning environment to further a child’s education as well as their socio-emotional growth. Cade earned his master’s degree in school counseling, has worked on a crisis line supporting teens in mental health crises and safety emergency situations, and has spent several years teaching and counseling in public school settings. Cade works as a school counselor with SOAR’s students, staff, and parents as a socio-emotional educator, support, and resource to help create an inclusive, safe, and growth-minded environment.

Cade is pretty good at ping-pong, loves Thai and Indian cuisine, enjoys audiobooks, drawing, hiking, climbing, and CrossFit workouts. If he had to choose his favorite backpacking meal it would be peanut butter and beef jerky, generally separate but when you’re out there long enough weird combos start looking pretty appealing!