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SOAR Summer Camps

Here are some of the foundational pieces that will be in place this summer:

  • Pre-camp Preparation – we are asking all staff and campers to utilize appropriate protectionary precautions in the two weeks prior to camp (e.g., wearing mask in public, avoiding large gatherings, etc.).  We are also asking that all staff and campers monitor their symptoms on a daily basis the two weeks prior to camp.
  • Testing – we are asking all staff and campers to have a COVID test prior to arrival.  We will continue to monitor the latest technology in testing and will pass on information as we have it.
  • Small-Group Cohorts – SOAR’s model has always been centered around the use of small group cohorts.  We will continue to operate in those cohorts as much as possible.  Campers will not be required to wear masks when only interacting with their cohort.  However, they will be asked to mask when interacting with anyone outside of their cohort (e.g., rafting vendor, activity staff, etc.).
  • Handwashing – SOAR will continue to emphasize regular and thorough handwashing.  Hand sanitizer will be used when handwashing is not feasible (e.g., some backcountry experiences).
  • Social Distancing – small group cohorts will be assigned use areas to avoid interacting with other small groups.  When social distancing cannot be maintained between cohorts (e.g., walking through the dining area), masks will be worn.
  • Daily Symptom Check – all staff and campers will undergo daily symptom checks to ensure that we are closely monitoring camper and staff health and wellness.
  • Medications – in order to maintain proper sanitary conditions, we will be requiring families to have all camper’s medications (including over-the-counter and supplements) packaged by their pharmacy in a unit-dosage format according to time of administration.  Please see details in your Parent Handbook.
  • Cleaning – SOAR already utilizes a thorough cleaning schedule which will be increased as needed if there is overlap between group use of areas.  We are currently utilizing CDC approved cleaners with an emphasis on those that are the safest for both children and the environment.

As we draw closer to the start of camp, we will continue to adjust our protocols as needed to ensure we are in compliance with the latest guidance from the CDC and the American Camp Association.  Please contact our Admissions Team at admissions@soarnc.org or 828-456-3435 if you have any questions.

See you this summer!