Homework Time Tips

by Andrea Wackerle

It’s a new school year! That means new teachers, new friends, new things to learn, and a brand new opportunity to try something different and create positive habits! Homework time can often present challenges, but with challenge comes opportunity! As you jump back into the homework routine, here are some homework tips to help make it as smooth as possible! And remember, a little bit of patience, goes a long way!

1. Create an Environment for Success

Your environment truly does have an impact on your success. Help your child to realize distractions and eliminate them from their environment. It is important to get them involved in this process so they can feel good about the environment they are working in.

2. Make it Hands On

Your child is likely a kinesthetic learner, so take a hands on approach when possible. If working with math, get in the kitchen and bring the math problems to life! For reading or writing assignments, act out the plots, play the characters, and help the stories to become real! Making assignments more engaging will not only help your child get through the assignments, but they will also be more likely to retain what they’ve learned and maybe even have fun!

3. Consistency is Key

Designate a specific time and place for homework and studying. Keeping this space consistence helps prevent distractions and keeps expectations clear. Even if there is no homework assignment that day, have your child read a book, draw, etc. in this same space at the designated time.

4. Make Time Tangible

Time can be a difficult concept for kids, so making it as tangible as possible will help to stay on task and maintain an appropriate pace. Try to use some kind of concrete representation of time such as a kitchen timer, digital timer, or analog clock. Seeing time pass on a clock and being able to see what is ahead is often helpful.

5. Lead by Example

You will likely need to step in and help your child with certain homework tasks, but if they are able to work independently, create your own “homework time”. Plan for your next day, pay bills, write out your grocery list, or even read a book. Do something that is productive for you (yet not distracting for your child) to help reinforce productive behaviors.