Getting Your Camper to SOAR: Making Travel Arrangements

by Rib Decker

There are multiple options for making sure your campers gets to camp and back home safe and happy. You may make arrangements to have your camper fly to and from camp or may physically drop off and pick up your camper at camp. Below are some tips and guidelines for traveling to and from camp. You can find specific information regarding the required travel arrangements in your CampInTouch account under the Travel Form.


If you live within driving distance of your campers adventure, you may drop them off in person to the camp starting location. Prior to arrival, you will need to call SOAR at 828-456-3435 to schedule an arrival and departure time to the camp. This time will also serve as the in-brief and de-brief time for all North Carolina and Wyoming courses. All other locations will provide in-briefs and de-briefs by phone before and after the course.


Each SOAR course location has specific travel information and flight windows to book flights. Please make sure you review your course specific information as well as the travel form in your CampInTouch account before booking flights. Please contact Andrea Wackerle, Registrar, if you have any specific questions about flights before booking.

Campers flying to their starting location will be picked up by a SOAR staff at the airport and then driven to their course’s base. Many airlines offer unaccompanied minor assistance for an extra fee. Airlines differ in age requirements for a child to fly unattended, so please make sure to check with the airline before booking your flight. This service provides a flight attendant to accompany your camper until the SOAR staff receives your camper. Campers flying solo without the unaccompanied service will be met at the edge of security on their way to baggage claim. You will be notified once your child is with a SOAR staff.

Nervous to have your camper fly solo? You are also welcome to travel with your camper to meet the staff in person. This allows both first time campers and parents to gain a better understanding about the adventure ahead. Some parents choose to stay during their child’s adventure at location near the base. However, for your camper’s return, this is a great time to nurture their increased confidence by having them fly home as an unaccompanied minor many.

If your camper has a cell phone and charger, please make sure they bring it while traveling. Once arriving to SOAR, all electronics will be held during the length of the course. We will make sure that they are charged and returned to the camper before leaving. Do not pack any medication in checked baggage. All campers should carry medication with them at all times during travel.  You may also want to provide extra cash for their flight home if needed.


Questions? Email us at or give us a call at 828-456-3435