“Gearing” Up for Camp: What to Bring

by Andrea Wackerle
What to Bring

There is a specific gear list for your child course to let you know what items your child will need to bring. You can find this list in your CampInTouch Account under “Insert Course Location” Gear List i.e. North Carolina Gear List. Here you will find specific information about what kind of clothing, sleeping gear, hygiene products, outdoor necessities, eating gear, and more to make sure and bring to camp! This list also includes items not to bring to camp.

Not sure what brand, material, etc. to buy? Check out our Gear Guide for recommendations on what to buy and where to get it!

*Note: If you are doing a new course in a different region this year, please be sure to read that location’s gear guide carefully as there may be different items needed than previous years.

Packing Tips


If we had to guess, we would say that keeping track of their belongings is probably not one of your child’s strengths—yet! To help them out, please be sure to label EVERY ITEM with your child’s name. The easiest and most cost effective way to do this is to simply write their name with a permanent marker in the tag. You can also order premade labels if you would like.

Keep it Organized

It will also make it a lot easier on your child, if their belongings are organized when they arrive. As noted in the Gear List, one of the required items is a box of gallon ZipLoc® bags. Go ahead and use some of these to pack your students clothing according to like items—socks in one ZipLoc® bag, underwear in another, t-shirts in another, and so on. This will make it easy for child to find items and keep organized.

Stick to the Gear List

As you begin to pack and are tempted to bring everything but the kitchen sink, stop yourself! Keep in mind that storage space is limited in cabins and vans, and several courses require campers to carry their belongings while backpacking. You don’t want to weight your camper down! We have carefully selected each item on the gear list to ensure your child will have everything he or she needs while on their course.