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The GAP Year at SOAR meets the needs of students with ADHD and Learning Disabilities who have graduated from high school but are not quite ready to step into a university or work-force setting.


Months of Adventure


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SOAR’s GAP Year empowers 18-24 year olds with ADHD and learning disabilities who have obtained their high school degree or GED through travel, college classes, and volunteering.

Welcome to GAP at SOAR, an outdoor adventure-based year or semester long program. During their GAP, participants are encouraged to discover their talents, increase their self-reliance, and experience life-changing adventures all while preparing themselves for their future.

GAP at SOAR inspires participants to pursue new and existing interests and strengths, develop social skills via communal living, increase life skills through expedition planning and exploring the Eastern and Western USA, and practice independent living in a small group setting.

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Gap Year Overview

Who Attends Gap Year at SOAR?

GAP at SOAR participants, we call GAPpers, have ADHD, and other learning disabilities (LDs) that include but are not limited to Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Executive Functioning challenges.

All of our participants have a high school diploma or GED.

All of our participants benefit from learning the life and social skills, and academic opportunities that GAP provides.

When is GAP?

GAP Year 24 to 25 – September to April

GAP Semester 24 to 25 – September to December

Ready For What’s Next

All GAP at SOAR participants stay in a setting that allows them to experience real-life responsibilities in a real-life setting— interacting with peers, cooking meals, doing laundry, organizing their space, and planning for their next trip.

The GAP living experience is designed for participants to gain competencies around living accommodations in their next stage of life.

Plan Your Expeditions

Participants decide and plan where their expeditions will take them and what activities they will participate in on the trips. This gives them ownership of their experience and makes each year new and unique. Activities may include rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, rappelling, rafting, fishing, hiking, exploring national parks, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hot springs, riflery, and wilderness skills. The destinations are open to much of the western United States and also include one international trip in the spring. The group will have the opportunity to explore areas around them such as Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Thermopolis hot springs, and rock climbing in Sinks Canyon. Expedition locations may include Grand Canyon National Park, Oregon and California coast, Glacier National Park in Montana, and Moab, Utah.

Expedition planning taps into the whole world of executive functioning. Students research several travel destinations and activity options. They then make phone calls, set up reservations, work with a budget, provide the gear and food logistics, and learn to deal with the many unknowns that come up when traveling.

What is a gap year?

A gap year or semester is a period of time for post high school graduate students to take a break from formal education, a sabbatical, to travel, volunteer, study, intern, work, perform research or any combination of these activities. A gap year can also be called an interim year, deferring college, or taking time out. Students who take a gap are also known as “gappers.”

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Why GAP is Good

Leading US colleges and universities, like Harvard University, MIT, Georgia Institute of Technology, Yale, etc are openly supporting a gap year for admitted freshman. These universities recognize that by taking a productive year out, students enter college with more maturity and self-confidence and better wisdom and experience to handle the upcoming challenges. Many universities now allow accepted students to defer entrance one year. 

Should I gap?

Read the following scenarios and see if any apply to you. If so you may be ready to truly benefit from a gap experience.

Not ready for college. Perhaps you lack self-confidence or have not clearly defined your interests/career options.
You have had your fill of academics even before entering college, and want to take a breather so you can arrive on campus refreshed and ready to give your best.
You know why you are going to college, but want a competitive edge over other students. You want real life experience that builds your resume, and makes you more attractive to future employers.
Haven’t been able to choose a major and don’t really know what you are truly passionate about.
Haven’t been accepted to the college of your choice and want to use your gap experience to improve your application and make you more appealing to the school.

Is it right for me?

Students who take a gap year with SOAR tend to be:


not afraid of taking a risk

not bound by conventions

open to explore their interests

open to discover their passions






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Gap Program space is limited. Early application is advised.

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