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The GAP (Gateway Adventure Program) Year at SOAR meets the needs of young adults who have graduated from high school but are not quite ready to step into a university or work-force setting.

We strive to empower our participants through travel, college classes, and volunteering. Participants discover their talents, increase their self-reliance, and experience life-changing adventures while preparing for their future. The GAP Year encourages participants to pursue new and existing interests and strengths, develop social skills via communal living, increase life skills through expedition planning and exploring the Western USA, and practice independent living in a small group setting. Participants alternate between residential campus phases and expeditions.


Quick Facts


Dubois, Wyoming


8-24 years old


1:5  staff to gapper ratio


Independent living, community involvement, expedition planning, college classes (receive 4 college credits), internships, volunteer opportunities


Gappers travel on 5 US expeditions and 1 international


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