FL SCUBA Adventure


14-18 years


10 days



The FL SCUBA Adventure is a satellite camp meaning participants tent camp the entire time and are housed at Camp Sawyer in the FL Keys.This course provides campers an opportunity to learn a lifelong skill, one that enables them to explore a whole new world, filled with amazing corals, fish, and marine life. The group will explore the FL Keys, both above and below the water. Courses begin with SCUBA instruction near Big Pine Key utilizing the spectacular Looe Key Marine Sanctuary. Campers will be awestruck by the beauty and diversity of the coral reef as you are free to explore its amazing intricacies.

The FL SCUBA Openwater Certification course, taught by qualified instructors, will be adapted specifically for those with learning and attention issues. This ensures campers are given the best opportunity to succeed in this challenging and rewarding course. Campers receive personalized instruction and will be closely supervised during the open water dives. In order to earn a SCUBA certification, campers must learn to pay close attention to detail and will see first-hand a practical application of science. Campers will learn to regulate breathing, which is an important skill in emotional coping strategies. In addition, successful completion of this course will provide campers a huge sense of accomplishment and life-long skill. To receive an SSI SCUBA Openwater Certification, campers must meet all three requirements of the course: Coursework to understand the basics of scuba diving, confined water dives, and open water dives.

Our Activities



Scuba Diving

Boating / Tubing

Sea Kayaking

Unsure if your camper is ready for a SCUBA course? Keep in mind that SCUBA certification courses are rigorous, and include a lot of coursework and applied science. We are grateful to work with SCUBA instructors who understand the needs of our campers and can help with some accommodations our campers may require. However, this course is not for everyone. In addition to the academic requirements, there are also medical regulations to consider. SSI rules prohibit those with asthma, heart conditions, or other specific medical factors from becoming certified. Please read through the SSI SCUBA Required Forms to see if this course is right for you.

*Campers will be sleeping in 4 person tents for the entirety of this course.

Become a certified SCUBA Diver in just 10 days!

“Our son has attended SOAR for the last 2 summers. He attended horseback riding camp in North Carolina and academic camp in Wyoming. He can not wait until camp this summer. He comes back from SOAR having gained independence and confidence. We are very grateful for SOAR and the excellent staff for helping our son. We are already looking at and hoping to send him to their GAP year program after he graduates. We love SOAR!”

Camper Parent