11-18 years


15 days



The CA Expedition is a satellite camp meaning participants tent camp throughout the entire course. The journey starts in San Francisco and will head to Sunset Beach campground for teambuilding and fun. The teams will explore the Monterey Bay Aquarium and participate in a sea kayaking adventure. They discover the wonders of Yosemite National Park and then will travel to South Tahoe to begin preparation for their exploration into the backcountry. The team will learn about expedition planning, including the importance of organization, as they pack and determine their backpacking route. Hiking days will be rewarded with the exhilaration that comes from being self-reliant and pushing past perceived limits. This trip will set the stage for the rock climbing portion of the trip – as campers again work on goal setting and problem solving skills. The course concludes with a whitewater rafting trip down the American River. The final night is spent celebrating the hard work and achievements of each camper before heading back to San Francisco for their departure.

Our Activities

Sea Kayaking

Day Hikes




Rock Climbing

Whitewater Rafting

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“SOAR excels in providing just the right amount of challenge to help kids develop confidence. Our son needed opportunities to interact in helpful and meaningful ways with peers, and this camp provided that most excellently.”
Sara, Camper Parent