Building Community at SOAR Meet and Greets

by Andrea Wackerle

October and November have been very busy months for enjoying time with many of our SOAR families. 

On October 12th, in Washington, DC at the beautiful Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, John Willson and I were joined by seven SOAR alumni families and a family who was seeking out more information about what we do and whether her child would be a good fit for our program.

The conversations were great! Lots of discussion about how to motivate our youth to be more organized, be better at making and maintaining social relationships, and how to help them plan for their future. The great mix of Alumni parents as well as new to SOAR parents led to a super discussion within the group. Lots of sharing and support!  

In November, we were at the wonderful Donaldson Bannister Farm in Atlanta. Even though it was a rainy day, the farm had a barn for the kids to play in and a beautiful farmhouse for all to gather and stay dry.  We munched on three fabulous varieties of chili with all the fixins, thanks to Joan Teach! Yummy! 

The parents had an opportunity to share stories of success and struggles.  Many of the stories were so powerful of the personal transformations of their campers that it brought some of us to tears, happy tears. We were warm and cozy from the inside out! 

The kids had their own table and welcomed all newcomers with open arms!  A great day was had by ALL!